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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Staff arrangements for 2019-20



Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs Bryony Baynes- Head Teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mr David Willetts- Deputy Head Teacher and Willow
Teaching Staff 3 Miss Louisa Sandy- Chestnut Class (maternity)
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Lisa Williams- Ash Class and SENCo
Teaching Staff 5 Miss Grace Campbell- Chestnut Class
Teaching Staff 6 Miss Lucy Biggerstaff- Elm Class
Teaching Staff 7 Miss Megan Jessop- Cedar Class
Teaching Staff 8 Mr Darran Ricks- Hazelnut Class
Teaching Staff 9 Mr Andrew Hands- Beech Class and English lead
Teaching Staff 10 Miss Lucy Beswick- Laurel Class
Teaching Staff 11 Mr Dalton- Maple Class
Teaching Staff 12 Miss Charlotte Graham- Oak Class
Teaching Staff 13 Miss Lucy Underwood- Redwood Class and Maths lead
Teaching Staff 14 Miss Pamela Hudson- Willow Class
Teaching Staff 15 Miss Amandine Stone- Sycamore Class

Office Team

Office Team 1 Mrs Michele Wallis- Office Manager
Office Team 2 Mrs Kate Stubbs- Finance Manager

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Tammy Welton
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Shona Hirst
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs Vanessa Kimpton
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Sue Curtis
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Laura Judd
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs Sue Hart
Teaching Assistants 7 Miss Gemma Greenwood
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs Annie Guyatt
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs Deborah Cooke
Teaching Assistants 10 Mr Ian Smith
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs Sarah James
Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs Nikki Steele
Teaching Assistants 13 Mrs Linda Allies
Teaching Assistants 14 Mrs Dawn Bennet
Teaching Assistants 15 Miss Claire Cassell
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