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Kempsey Primary School

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Support for families

For further information about domestic abuse, including accessing support, please access our support page HERE.

At Kempsey we are committed supporting families in any way that we can. We appreciate that all families struggle at times and that school plays a central role in their lives. 


Please do feel that you can contact the school at any time to talk to us about any challenges you may be facing.


Support is also available through the Early Help offer from Worcestershire; further information can be found in the Early Help in Worcestershire Booklet (see below) and the Worcestershire Virtual Family Hub.


You will also find below more detailed information about the Early Help offer here at KPS.

Kempsey Primary School Early help offer (support for families)

Early Help Pathway

Children who cannot attend school

(previously school avoidance)


It is quite normal for children to experience anxiety and sometimes school becomes the focus of this. We understand the challenges that this can present to parents and are keen to support families where we can. There are a number of strategies we can put in place between school and home, including (but not exclusively):


  • Adjustments to the start of the day to reduce anxiety. 

  • Reasonable adjustments made through the day to meet needs in line with our SEND Policy. 

  • Providing a staff mentor for your child- this would be a ‘safe adult’ of their choosing. 

  • Home visits. 

  • Increased communication through the day to reassure parents. 

  • Early help, family support. 

  • Access to our school counsellor. 


Where further support is required, often as a result of high levels of anxiety or low mood, a great starting point is the Worcestershire CAMHS Reach4Wellbeing pages where parents can be referred for more specific support. Referrals can be made by the school or parents themselves. Click on the image below to be taken to the page.



Every situation is different so please do come and see us if you are concerned about this particular subject.



Additional support for families can be found through the NHS 'Starting Well' portal where families, or the school, can make referrals for family support.



Support for young people

Support for parents and families

Referral forms


Or their contact number is 01905 520032

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