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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!




When children leave Kempsey Primary School aim for them to be confident and resilient in independently tackling a wide range of mathematical challenges both academically and in everyday life. We focus on building reasoning skills and fluency (rapid recall of number facts and patterns) to facilitate this.



As a school we are committed to teaching maths for mastery and believe everybody can do, and be successful, in maths. We focus on depth of understanding and building conceptual knowledge of mathematics, as opposed to learning a method alone (and not understanding how or why). Children enjoy and exercise reasoning through concrete, pictorial and abstract resources as well as writing explanations to prove their understanding.


Mathematics begins in EYFS where children have taught session as well as stimulating and varied enhanced provision within their free-flow activities. Throughout the whole school, progression in maths uses prior knowledge and understanding as a starting point for subsequent learning, enabling teachers to guide all children in their class along their own mastery journey.



KPS maths journey!

2019 - 2020

Following the success of our GLOWMaths Hub journey last year, we are continuing to work as part of GLOW this year on a Transition Project. This focusses on working alongside Hanley Castle High School to develop commonalities within mathematics (such as teaching and representations) in order to facilitate the transition of learning maths from Upper KS2 into KS3.


2018 - 2019

Two members of our teaching staff joined the the GlowMaths Hub to refine the teaching and provision of mathematics, specifically teaching maths for mastery. The Hub is an ever-growing number of schools who work collaboratively to share best practice in maths. For further information about the hub and its work, please follow the link below:




Maths mission statement:


Here at kempsey Primary School we believe that every child has the potential to be a good mathematician. Our approach is very much based on activities that centre on real life and will often link to the topic taking place. There will always be an element of challenge and children will be asked to justify their thinking during opportunities for purposeful maths talk. We are aware that children learn in different ways and believe that a multi-sensory, practical approach can both support and progress a child’s mathematical ability and thinking. Problem solving will take place at different times during the learning cycle, and Key skills have been identified for each year group and are revisited regularly. Revisiting concepts is one way for children to demonstrate mastery. We give the children opportunities to showcase their talents as often as possible.



At Kempsey we use PowerMaths. Teachers use this to assist with planning. As a staff we use the models and the resources because this allows for a consistent approach across the school.  Teachers supplement their teaching with additional resources from the White Rose Maths Hub, Nrich and NCETM.

Calculation Policy

As a staff we looked at the expectations for each year group and put together a sheet outlining the skills we expect the children to recall quickly. 


As part of the maths homework, the children will complete part or all of a sheet once a fortnight. These sheets show the key skills expected of each year group. Stage 1 stands for year 1 and so on. 


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