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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Growing Summer 1


We made plant pots out of paper and planted a giant sunflower seed each! We can’t wait for them to grow 🌼


The children have had a fantastic week! We have spent another week on Oliver’s Vegetables, along with consolidating our understanding of numbers to 20.


A highlight of the week was our home made soup. In the story Oliver does not like to eat anything other than chips but he makes a deal with his grandpa that whatever vegetable he pulled out he had to eat. We created a list of vegetables and then put our favourite vegetable on a piece of paper. All of the favourite vegetables were put into a hat and we made a deal that the one we picked out was going to be made into a soup. The deal was we had to try it even if we didn’t think we were going to like it. The vegetable picked was ‘sweetcorn’ and we set about making this into a soup the following day. Everyone stuck to the deal and tried the soup and they were all surprised how much they enjoyed the soup! We had to embark on a lot of spoon washing so that they could have more!


Today has been a day full of Coronation fun. The children have made crowns, produced some fantastic pictures, had a Royal Lunch courtesy of Sarah in the kitchen followed by a little tea party this afternoon! The children are really looking forward to the celebrations this weekend and seeing ‘the king have his crown put on his head’. We hope the medals they received will be a lasting momento of the occasion.


Our focus book this week was Oliver's vegetables.

We have continued working within the numbers 0-20. We have grouped amounts and discussed how many groups of ten there are and how many are left over. We counted beads onto pipe cleaners and made vegetables for Oliver's garden with the playdough.

Through our writing lenses we described actions Oliver did when he was collecting the vegetables and preparing the potatoes and the feelings the characters had in different parts of the story.


A highlight of the week was our visit to the recording studio to sing the 'Coronation' song. Everyone sang their hearts out and their behaviour during the recording was superb. Look out for the finished version coming soon!


We have started a new topic this week.... Growing! Our first book was the story of Jack and the Jellybean Stalk. We enjoyed learning some new vocabulary as well as reading a twist on the tradition tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. We even got to taste a jelly bean by the end of the week!


Come back soon to see what we grow!

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