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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!





At Kempsey Primary School we strive to facilitate a journey of Art which will inspire and develop key art techniques. We will encourage children to focus on experimentation and exploration within art to nurture each child as an individual artist. This is supported through an emphasis on techniques. The children study artists from the school community, wider community and the global community. This challenges their mindset to what an artist is. As children progress through the year groups, they will build on their mastery of key techniques whilst having their own creativity supported.  



A clear cycle of learning occurs at Kempsey through the three steps we plan for each unit of art to include. These sequences occur termly to allow the necessary time to focus on building skills and confidence. Skills learnt throughout the children’s learning journey are not limited to art, with opportunities across the curriculum to further embed the skills (disciplinary knowledge). During a sequence of weekly lessons, children will explore and experiment, be analytical artists and apply their learning.  


Through the use of sketchbooks, the journey of exploring with different key techniques is encouraged and captured. Each member of staff utilises their own sketchbook alongside the children in order to model a positive mindset, techniques and use of materials. Disciplinary knowledge is built upon each year and clear progression can be seen in terms of depth and challenge. The children will grow in ability and confidence to analyse and evaluate art through, artist studies, annotations in sketchbooks and discussions.  In addition to art lessons, children will take part in school wide collaboration projects.  As well as being exposed to a wide range of techniques over their time at Kempsey Primary School, the children will have access to resources suited to the skill being explored.  



Children view themselves as artists through the emphasis placed on the journey in art rather than the end product. Children have a passion for exploration and creativity and the progression of disciplinary and substantive knowledge will equip them to invent and create work independently and collaboratively. Children will respond critically to their own, peers and other artists' work and will be exposed to a wider community of artists. Most importantly children find joy and an outlet of self-expression with skills that are transcendent through their learning journey.  



Through a diverse range of artists studied, children will gain knowledge and appreciation of a wide selection of artists. Exposing the children to artists work around them, within the school and local community, will extend their perception beyond global artists. The school celebrates the children's art work to provide an opportunity for our local community to engage with.  

Art progression in skills

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