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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Sycamore Class!

Sycamore class is taught by Miss Nash and Miss Foster.

The Sycamore tree is a symbol of strength, protection, reliability and clarity. Together we will help guide and support each other to dream big and reach our goals. 

Check back here to see what we get up to this year!

Music; Clarinet with Mr Hill

Science; investigating how the height of a ball drop, affects the bounce height.

Art - 2/5/23 - What materials can I manipulate to replicate the oceans patterns and texture?


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Watch our fantastic performance!

Testing our earthquake proof buildings

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Testing our earthquake proof buildings 31.3.23

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Testing our Earthquake proof buildings 31.3.23

Easter Story

Worcester Civil War

Madina Tun Nabi - music - 17.3.23

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The children have been learning about Nasheeds, traditional songs about Islamic Faith. They have been learning the song, Madina Tun Nabi.

What are the names and order of the planets? 17/3/23

Extracting DNA from strawberries - 10/3/23

Design and Technology - 14/3/23 - drawing our prototypes

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

Practicing for Ising pop!!

DT; investigating and constructing the effectiveness of our earthquake structures

World book day 2023

Art - To study an artist - 8.2.23

Internet safety day

Science: What is Friction? 20/1/23

Music: Song Writing 18/1/23

What is air resistance? 11/1/23

Forces - what is gravity and air resistance?

Using Dienes to explore multiplication methods

Father Christmas and his Reindeer

What is a reversible change? 29/11/22

Sight Concern

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Aj from sight concern explaining how he reads a book to his children using Braille and how he uses a keyboard to type.

Sight Concern workshop

LO:To explore the difference between dissolving and mixing 31/10/22

Pumpkin carving!

Our Viking topic launch

PE; tag rugby

Science - Dissecting flowers

Getting to know each other

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

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