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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Walnut Class!


Thank you for visiting our Walnut Class Page.

Walnut is a year 5 class taught by Mr Dalton with Mrs Hirst.

Our New topic is Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

As part of our topic the children designed an earthquake-proof structure with paper to explore what properties would be needed in order for the structure to withstand an earthquake. 
As the next step of this design technology project, the children have started designing a building that will withstand an earthquake, taking into account, strength, stability and flexibility. They will then be constructing their buildings and testing their results.

P.E 23/0123

Our focus in P.E for the spring term is volleyball. The children are learning  what the different shots are called and practising how to perform them. They are also learning the rules of the game so that we can play mini games and later a full game.

Book Buddies. 20/01/23

Every Friday, the children from Walnut class meet with their “Book Buddies” from Cedar Class.  They share books and read to each other as well as building good relationships with the younger children. The children enjoy this immensely and love the responsibility.

Exploring Friction.

We investigated the role of friction and how it affects the speed and distance of moving objects.

Our science “Eggsperiment”.

Walnut and Sycamore classes explored gravity and air resistance in our science lesson. The children were challenged to make a parachute for an egg that would increase air resistance and reduce gravity.

The egg, in its parachute, was dropped from a height to see if the air resistance from the parachute would slow its fall and prevent the egg from breaking.  Many of the parachutes did work and the children were able to explain why the air resistance from the parachutes worked against gravity.


Fundraising for Sight Concern.

Walnut and Sycamore participated in a fundraiser called “Flourishing a Fiver” in order to make some money for sight concern. They worked together in groups of six to come up with a business plan. They decided what their idea would be, researched the costs involved and made their own shopping lists.  They made their own goods  and then held a table-top sale to sell them to the other children in the school.  The children raised £217 for Sight Concern!

Santa in school.

Santa and his reindeer came to visit.

Pumpkin Carving.

Walnut were awarded “Best Pumpkin” in the PTFA pumpkin carving competition.

What is a reversible change? 29/11/22

LO: To explore the difference between dissolving and mixing 31/10/22

Celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Walnut marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by creating a large collage of

Queen Elizabeth II on a postage stamp. The children were split into four groups with the stamp being created in four separate pieces which were then joined together to complete the finished article.

Our Viking Topic launch.

We designed and built “Viking Longboats” and sailed them in the brook in forest school. Some sailed better than others, but I think we have some lessons to learn.

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