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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome To Laurel Class' Page!



Laurel Class is taught by Miss Beswick and Mr Smith


Check back regularly to see what we have been getting up to in Laurel Class.

PE - Dance around the world


Today we have started our new PE topic 'Dance around the world'. So far today, we learnt a hip-hop move, some African dance moves and some salsa moves. We then combined all of these in to one dance which you can watch below!


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World Book Day - 02.03.2023


We have had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day, today. Miss Beswick has shared some of her favourite books, we've created our own book covers and book marks, we have read to our book buddies and designed our dream libraries!

World Book Day

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Yoga! - 09.11.2022

This half term, our focus in PE is yoga. This week, we learnt some new yoga poses and taught these to a partner. We then worked together to create a yoga 'flow'. We are discovering that it takes a lot of focus, balance and strength to create yoga poses!

GOLD! - 04.11.2022


For the second week in a row, we have won the gold attendance cup! Well done to all of the children in Laurel for their brilliant attendance this week.

French - 03.11.2022


Today in French, we have been learning the names of different nouns relating to school. For example, we have learnt how to say 'a pencil', 'a book' and 'a glue stick'.

We played a memory game to test our French vocabulary knowledge and we drew and labelled a utility belt containing all sorts of stationary and other school related items.

The History Man! - 17.10.2022

Today, we had a visit from 'The History Man' to finish our topic of the Romans in Britain. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of new facts. We got to try on Roman gladiator armour, try out Roman shields and build Roman towns. See some photos of our day, below.



Science - 07.10.2022

Today in our sound topic, we began to explore the different parts of the human ear and we thought about why animals might need bigger ears!


We also carried out an experiment to visually see how our ear drum might vibrate when struck by a sound. We used a piece of cling film over a bowl to represent our ear drum and we put rice on top. Miss Beswick then banged a drum close to it and the rice jumped about, due to the ear drum (cling film) vibrating!


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It's Dyslexia Awareness Week!

Today in Laurel Class, we have been learning about dyslexia. We found out more about what it is and how it affects one in five people. We then found out about lots of famous people who had dyslexia and the children realised that whilst dyslexia may make it more difficult for people to read, write and process information, people with dyslexia often go on to achieve brilliant and wonderful things!

Did you know that Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Holly Willoughby all have dyslexia?

Science 23.09.2022 - How does sound travel?

For this Science lesson, we started to look at how sounds are made by objects vibrating. To test this out, we created cup phones. We noticed that the cup and string both vibrated in order to pass the sound along! If the string was slack, it didn't work.


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