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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Kempsey Primary School is a popular 4 - 11 Academy. Prospective parents are welcome to contact the school office to book a personalised tour of the school during the school day.


Should you wish to meet us and have a tour of the school please contact the office on 01905 820262 or email


As an academy, Kempsey Primary School is its own admissions authority. The Governors of Kempsey Primary School will be responsible for deciding the outcomes of applications for places in any year group at any time.


Admission into Year R (Reception)


All applications for Reception places will be co-ordinated by Worcestershire Local Authority (LA), who will make offers of places on behalf of the Governors of the school. Parents or guardians who reside within Worcestershire are required to complete a Worcestershire LA Common Application Form. This can be downloaded or completed online via the link at the bottom of this page.


Parents or guardians who do not reside within Worcestershire, but who wish to apply for a place for their child at Kempsey Primary School must complete an application form for their “home” LA which will ensure that application details are passed to Worcestershire for consideration according to the oversubscription criteria as detailed in our admissions policy.


Admission into other Years or into Reception outside the normal admissions process


Any applications for a place at Kempsey Primary School outside the normal year or time of entry to the school must be made directly to Worcestershire Local Authority. The school will notify the relevant Local Authority of the outcome of the application and inform parents of their right to appeal against a refusal of a place.


Waiting list for admissions


A waiting list for places in each year is held by the school. Parents who have been initially unsuccessful in securing a place should contact the school directly to enquire about the waiting list.


Parents whose application for a place at Kempsey Primary School has been unsuccessful have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. Appeals should be made in writing for the attention of the Clerk to the Governors.

Kempsey Primary School Catchment Map

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