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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Learning Journey




What an exciting week! We have begun our new ‘Explorers’ topic and the children have become really invested in our focus story ‘Explorers of the Wild’ by Cale Atikson. In English, we began by predicting what we thought would happen in the story based on the front cover. We then explored the story and learnt about the purpose of a blurb. The children wrote some really fantastic blurbs to entice readers to choose their story. In Maths we have been focussing on subtraction within 20 by counting back and by crossing out. This was aided by our number bonds to 10! In PSHE, the children enjoyed talking about goals and the steps to achieve them. A lot of laughter and learning came from our goal to programme ‘Miss Gatfield the Robot’ to make a jam sandwich. Although, we made mistakes (including jam on the table) we were successful in achieving our goal. This facilitated great conversations around resilience and mistakes helping us to achieve.




A fabulous first week back to school. This week we used quiet critters to help us concentrate on writing amazing New Years resolutions. We enjoyed a great lesson in PSHE on success in which we were able to succeed at the whole class challenge to pass a hula hoop around the class without letting go of the person next to them. 




From London to Paris and on to Venice, where will we be traveling to next? New York!

The children have had a wonderful week exploring Venice. They were particularly fascinated by the lack of roads and the Gondolas used to travel around. The children have learnt lots of interesting facts about Venice which they have used to complete an elevated fact file. In Maths, we have been comparing groups of objects within 20. Next week we will finish our place value topic by recapping tens and ones and consolidating our knowledge within 20. This week we continued working scientifically to explore seasonal changes- creating rain gauges. In PE, we practised using narrow movements in a sequence. We also had a fantastic session led my Mr Dalton to get active in our classrooms! 



This week we flew off to France – Paris to be exact and have had lot’s of fun exploring the city. The children visited a travel agents to collect some brochures full of information and facts. They identified the key facts and practised writing them in a spider diagram (mind map) and in list format. Finally on Friday we used these notes to write our own Paris brochure.

In Maths we have continued learning how to read, write and order numbers within 20. We have also introduced place value using tens and ones.

In our topic lessons we designed model aeroplanes in D&T, which we will be making next week.  Finally, in PSHE we have discussed what bullying is and how we can make everyone feel included and welcome in our class / school.



The children have had a busy week full of exciting learning within our new topic- Around the world in 49 days. A highlight for many was the ‘bus ride’ through London to see and hear about the sights of our capital city.

In English this week, our travels (based around the class text of Emma Jane’s Areoplane) has inspired some excellent work. The week began with predictions being made about where the character would be flying to and why- developing key reading skills.  In Maths, the children have continued fantastic work on subtraction. This included using a number line to subtract, part-whole models and finding the difference between numbers.

In addition to this, some fantastic topic lessons have been enjoyed. Including excellent geography work in which Year One created aerial maps of local landmarks. As well as this, our history lesson provided an opportunity to explore how transport has changed from past to present which led to recording a timeline of transport from old to new.


This term our topic is ‘Around the world in 49 days’ . The children will ‘travel’ to a different country each week along with Emma Jane, the main character from our focus text Emma Janes Aeroplane by Katie Haworth.

This week we have recapped and consolidated our knowledge from last term and focussed on settling back into our school routines. We have begun our new topic by identifying ourselves on the map. The children loved exploring Google Earth and zooming in until they were able to find our school. Next week, we will begin our ‘travels’ by hopping on a double decker bus to London! We will explore the capital city, its landmarks and history.

In English, we will begin to look at factual writing and in Maths we will continue to focus on subtraction within 10. In PSHE, our focus for the term will be celebrating differences. We will also begin our new science topic of Seasonal Changes.




In English, we have built up to writing our diary entries. We have explored the different features of a diary through a range of activities exploring: time adverbials, past tense verbs, the use of feelings, spellings, punctuation and grammar in our writing. The children brainstormed a sequence of events that they then developed into a diary plan. They then used this to help them write their diary entries.

In Maths, we have continued to develop our knowledge of addition this week. We have used our prior learning of number bonds to create paper chain number sentences. This helped us to practically show totals and fact families. We also used number lines to practise counting forwards as another way of solving addition number sentences.

In Forest School this week, we used our topic of ‘emotional intelligence’ to inspire some amazing outdoor artwork. We discussed a range of emotions that can be portrayed by our facial expressions and then created faces to show this using the natural resources around us.




In English, we have continued developing our knowledge and understanding of the story Ruby’s Worry. This has included identify the characters thoughts and feelings as well as writing in the past tense, preparing the children to write a diary entry next week. On Friday, the whole school completed an independent Friday write based off the same stimulus – The Windmill Farmer. From this we saw some fantastic stories, letters and songs. In Maths this week, we have continued to develop our understanding of number bonds. This included different ways to represent them- some excellent number bonds to 10 were created using natural resources in our forrest school session. We have also been using the ‘+’ and ‘=’ symbol to write our own number sentences.




In mathematics we have moved onto to our new topic of addition and subtraction. This week we have introduced the part whole model, looked at number fact families and began focussing on addition within 10.In English we have continued with our class text ‘Ruby’s Worry’ We are working towards writing a diary entry for Ruby but in order to do this we first need to know how to write in the past tense. In Forrest school we had an art focus, we completed patterns in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. In computing we used purple mash to sort shapes using different criteria. As well as, working on fine motor control to complete a piece of electronic art.



In English this week, we have been focussing on questioning and learning some key language related to questioning e.g. who, what, where, when, why, how etc. Phonics lessons saw us create some 'tricky words' from Play-Doh to practice these words that are harder to sound out.  In Maths, the children have been using the greater than and less than signs in forest school to compare numbers and we have also introduced ordinal numbers. On Thursday we had a day celebrating Harvest Festival. The children learnt all about what ‘Harvest’ actually is, why we celebrate it and when it occurs. In the afternoon, we created some wonderful harvest pictures using fruit and vegetables to print patterns with paint. We continued our unit on Invasion games in PE. 



This week, the class text inspired character descriptions with a focus on using amazing adjectives. In maths, we have looked at comparing numbers using the language ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal’. We are also continuing to have great PSHE lessons with the help of Jigsaw Jack. This week we focused on the rights and responsibilities in a class.  In PE we continued our unit on invasion games -all showed great ability to move and dodge into spaces. In science, we had a fantastic lesson comparing and exploring everyday materials. In computing, we used purple mash to explore how to search using key words and filters. This helped us search  for year one art activities to complete on the laptop. We enjoyed our first forest school lesson and applied our knowledge of counting to a scavenger hunt. 



Cedar class have had a lovely second week at school and the children are continuing to learn school routines and engage well in lessons. We have continued our topic based on ‘Emotional Intelligenge’. This week the class text inspired our learning in english through planning and creating an instructional text for The Worrysaurus to go on a picnic. This also inspired some FABULOUS art work focusing on line to recreate the cave drawings in the story. In maths this week we looked at counting forwards, backwards, one more and one less. In topic students enjoyed learning about the countries and capital cities in the United Kingdom. We are also continuing to have great PSHE lessons with the help of Jigsaw Jack. This weeks lesson focused around ‘belonging’ and ‘how we learn best’. The class then created fantastic drawings of what helps them learn best. In PE we started our unit on invasion games- this involved developing the key skill on chest passes. 



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