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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Then and Now/ On the Farm Spring 1


What a fantastic half term it has been! The children have worked so hard throughout their learning opportunities, getting stuck in and making so much progress. This week we have really enjoyed reading the Julia Donaldson book “What the Ladybird Heard” this week to finish off our topic “On the Farm”. We have also loved our Valentine’s activities and today, with a special treat of eating pancakes after reading “Mr Wolf’s Pancakes”.


We have continued with the theme of The Farm this week with a very popular story called Farmer Duck. If you have heard ‘How goes the work?’ many times this week it is because there was a rather lazy farmer in the story who let the duck do all the work. The children have retold the story, created story maps,  looked at numbers on ducks and counted objects onto them. They have played with the ducks in the water and thought about the song ‘5 little ducks’. The story also produced a discussion about working as a team.


We started the week with the excitement of Chinese New Year. The children learned all about the story of the animals crossing the river to determine which order the years would be named after and retold this story through pictures. They experimented with copying Chinese numbers in their writing and playing snakes and ladders on a ‘chinese themed’ board. A popular activity was playing with noodles with chopsticks and making/ colouring rabbits as it is the Year of The Rabbit. All of the children enjoyed tasting noodles too!

On Tuesday we reflected back on the Windmill we found out about last week that existed in Kempsey 200 years ago. We thought about the roll of the windmill and where they are in the world, comparing a variety of them. Alongside this we read the story of The Little Red Hen which shows the process of how to make bread from sowing the seed to baking the ingredients. When we made our dough we were amazed at the amount the little rolls grew while they were proving and thoroughly enjoyed the taste of them when they were cooked.



This week we went on a walk around the village to spot old and new parts. We looked at maps and pictures from long ago and compared them to what we see now. We found that many buildings are still there but there are lots of new additions!


It has been another great week at school with our ‘Now and Then’ topic. We have been thinking a lot about numbers 4 and 5, the different ways we can make them and the language more, fewer and the same. As the story ‘Window’ does not have any words we have been creating our own story to read back about what we see is happening in the beginning middle and end of the book.  The children also had a lot of fun making windows and houses with marshmallows and spaghetti!


We have had a fantastic week of learning and exploring our new topic “Then & Now” with particular focus on a wordless book by Jeannie Baker called “Window.” The children have talked about what they can see out of their windows at home, and have created lists of creatures they can see in each page of the book.

We also went on a little walk around the school to count how many windows were in each class and what each of the classes could see through their windows.

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