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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Dinosaurs Aut 2

Week Beginning 15.11.21

This week we have formed letters with pasta, counted accurately,  wrote simple sentences, labelled different types of dinosaurs, created dinosaurs with junk, ran and hopped in PE and worked on our balance in Active 10.


The children have also been acting as palaeontologists, dinosaur doctors and managers of a dinosaur museum (they have been very busy). 

What a lovely week it has been!

Dinosaur Skeletons!

This week we have used the iPads to research different types of dinosaurs.
Do you know what type of dinosaur had a brain the size of a banana 🍌 ?


We have used the scales to compare the weight of different dinosaurs, wrote facts about dinosaurs, ordered dinosaur bones by length and pretended to be palaeontologists.


In Active 10 this week the children have been learning to skip. We have been really impressed with the perseverance children have demonstrated. Skipping is tricky - we have been reminding each other that ‘practice makes perfect’. 

Reception children impressed Mrs Baynes on Thursday as they stood so beautifully for a 2 minute silence with the rest of the school. 

This week we began our topic all about dinosaurs 🦖

The week began with news that Danny the dinosaur had escaped from the back garden, after the window cleaner accidentally left the gate open. The children created missing posters which detailed important information about Danny.

On Tuesday we discovered that Danny had been to school! The children worked together with Mrs Hart to measure the length of Danny’s footprints. 

Following this, Danny was found! The children wrote letters to the lady that found Danny to let her know what she must feed Danny to stop him from roaring (burgers, ribs and ham). The children used their phoneme knowledge to help them to identify the initial sounds and form these letters correctly. 
On Friday the children sorted dinosaurs by size and created firework pictures. 



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