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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Our Learning Journey (Spring Term)

Ancient Egypt

Our topic for the second half of the spring term is all about ancient Egypt.  Each lesson will have a key question and a skill.  The questions are:

  • Why is the River Nile so important?
  • Who was Tutankhamun and how do we know about him?
  • What does Tutankhamun's tomb tell us about Egyptian beliefs?
  • Where was his tomb found and how was it built?
  • What is the legacy of ancient Egypt? 

Week Beginning 17th April 2023: Sharing topic homework

Week Beginning 27th March: Mummifying a Tomato

All Things Tutankhamun (20th March)

Above are a couple of pieces of work looking at the beliefs of ancient Egyptians. We looked at the artefacts found inside the tomb of Tutankhamun to draw our conclusions.  Earlier in the week, we had looked at different sources to find out information about the young king. 

Week Beginning 20th March: Violin Concert

Week Beginning 13th March: Why was the river Nile so Important?

To begin our topic, we looked at the River Nile.  We thought about where it is, its size and its importance.  In the document above, you will see a couple of the pupils' work. 

Week Beginning 13th March: Painting- Focusing on pattern (Alma Thomas)

Week Beginning 27th February: Sharing our topic homework (Into the Woods)

Week Beginning 13th February: Our trip to Puzzlewood

Week Beginning: 6th February: FAME Music Violins

The Secret of Black Rock

The Secret of Black Rock | Book by Joe Todd-Stanton Erin loves to lie on the jetty, looking for the weirdest fish in the sea-the weirder, the better! And she knows the best ones must be further out, where her mum won't let her go . . .

Over the last few weeks, the children have been looking at the story of The Secret of Black Rock. They worked on those techniques used in narratives:  repetition, descriptive techniques, complex sentences to name just a few. Click on the links below to read their own stories. 

Week Beginning 23rd January 2023: Why are forests important?

Week Beginning 16th January

Week beginning 16th January

Click on the link above to see examples of the children's work relating to the start of our topic, Into the Woods.  The first two questions that we looked at were:

Where are the forests in the UK?

What are the different types of forest?

Into the Woods

Our topic for the start of the spring term is called  Into the Woods. Each week the children will answer a different question and will use geographical skills to do so.  The main line of enquiry is, why are forests so important? 

Week Beginning 9th January: Identifying Parts of a Flower.

Week Beginning 2nd January- Healthy Eating

Following an exciting and chocolate fueled Christmas, we began the year by looking at healthy eating.  The children followed the design process to produce their own healthy packed lunch.  They also completed activities learning about the eat well plate. 

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