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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Learning Journey Summer

PTFA Colour Run 7th July

Our Visit to Cadbury's World (1st July)

Week Beginning 20th June

Over the past few weeks the children have written their own narrative all about Charlie (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) finding the golden ticket.  We focused on:

  • setting description
  • inverted commas and dialogue
  • fronted adverbials
  • exclamation marks

Click on the extracts below to read them.   

Week Beginning 13th June

Over this half term the children will be learning about presentations through the software that is Powerpoint.  To begin with they have experimented with: colour, design and font size and style. They have also learnt how to insert a picture and a textbox.  We have linked this to our topic on Chocolate.  Over the next few weeks more information will be added plus they will learn more about the features of Powerpoint. Click on the links below to see a few of our early examples. 

Week Beginning 6th June

We have been learning about the human skeleton this week. As well as naming the different bones, the children took part in an investigation to find out if having the longest femur means you can jump the furthest. The children had the opportunity to practice measuring and think about fair testing. 

Week Beginning 9th May

Click on the link below to read the children's version of Delicate Things.  The children analysed, planned, edited and presented their own poems. The original poem is written by Pie Corbett. 

A huge well done to Isaac L for being nominated by his peers for a friendship award.  He received his award for always being fair and kind.  Well done Isaac.

Week Beginning 2nd May: Identifying human and physical features (in our community)

This week we launched our new topic, 'Location, Location, Location'.  During this topic we will spend much of the time out and about in the local community.  This began with a walk around part of Kempsey, identifying human and physical features, plus we began to map our local area. 

Week Beginning 25th April: Studying the Jewish faith.

Before we start our new topic, the children have spent the week studying different parts of the Jewish faith.  The children looked at:

  • key features of the faith
  • the significance of Moses and the story of Passover
  • the 10 commandments and their relevance today
  • fasting as a religious practice and the festival of Yom Kippur

Above are some pictures of the children's work. 

For the first entry of the summer term we return to our previous topic Ancient Egypt.  Below you will find photos of the children sharing their topic homework and some examples of the work carried out.  If you want to see the tasks the children were set, click on the topic homework on the previous page. 

Sharing our Ancient Egypt Topic Homework

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