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Kempsey Primary School

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Covid Catch-up

As a school we have had to make a range of important decisions regarding how we help our children recover from two full lock-downs, both in terms of their academic progress and their personal well-being. Strategies and approaches have included:


  • Adapting our curriculum in the Autumn term to allow children to make a considered, supported return to school.
  • Adjustment of our curriculum provision to allow priority for reading, writing and maths.
  • A rapid assessment of lost curriculum in core subjects as a consequence of the summer 2020 school closure and our limited online platform.
  • Timely assessment of attainment levels in phonics, reading, writing and maths and using these to inform interventions and curriculum foci.
  • Adoption of a suitable online platform from which home learning could be managed.


In addition, we have been in receipt of approximately £26,800 in COVD Catch-up funding. We have in place an action plan for this funding, which has aims to support our children both academically and in terms of their well-being. This action plan can be found below. It is not a rigid document. Not all aspects of spending have yet been fulfilled and may be adjusted as we move forward. Key elements of spending have been:


  1. Purchase of assessment materials to confirm accurate assessments of progress and attainment.
  2. Curriculum materials to support learners in maths and reading (through Reciprocal Reading).
  3. A PSHE/SRE scheme to support children's emotional well-being.
  4. An online dyslexia intervention platform to help those children with dyslexic tendencies to catch up in phonics and reading.
  5. Funding for small-group tutoring in phonics and reading from Year 1 to Year 6


Full and final evaluation of the impact of this spending will be made once all funds have been used. We are carrying a remaining fund of approximately £10,000 into the academic year 2021-22.


COVID catch-up funding plan

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