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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Weekly Letters

Friday 12th July 2019


It’s hard to believe that next week is the final week of the academic year! This week the Year 5s have enjoyed an athletics day at Hanley Castle and we all had a fabulous time at Kempsey Fest on Thursday night and Friday!  We have lots of exciting activities planned for next week, key details are as followed:



  • Whole school move up afternoon



  • Sports Day - KS2 Sports day Tuesday afternoon (1:30 – 2:45pm). Children are to come to school in their PE kits on Tuesday morning and remain in them all day.
  • Topic homework celebration with our class governor, Mrs Phillips Tuesday 16th July.



  • Year 6 Leavers Trip (refer to previous letter)
  • Book Fair – after school, there will be a Book Fair on the playground during which you are invited to browse a selection of books to buy. Prices start from 10p. This is a great opportunity to buy some cheap summer reads!



  • Talent Showcase (see separate letter)



  • End of Year/Leavers service at the Church, Friday 19th July, starting at 1:30pm. If you wish to take your child home after the service, please let us know in advance.
  • Year 6 shirt signing – if your child would like to have their friends sign a school shirt, they may do this on Friday. Children must bring in their own pen and a spare shirt to be signed, so that they look presentable for Church in the afternoon. No child will be allowed to have the shirt that they are wearing signed.

Friday 5th June 2019


This week the Year 6 children have been receiving drugs education from West Mercia Police, using their STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect) programme. Much of the rest of their time has been devoted to their production.


The year 5s have been carrying on with maths and have been looking at prison life in English. In the afternoons they have been taking a critical look at crime and why people are punished, along with learning about magistrate’s court. This included an online question and answer session with an ex-magistrate!


Next week is an extremely busy one. Key pieces of information include:

  • Monday - Year 6 dress rehearsal to the school
  • Tuesday - Year 6 production to parents at 1.45pm
  • Wednesday - Year 5 athletics day at Hanley Castle High School and Year 6 evening production to parents at 6.00pm
  • Thursday - Year 5 menstruation talk to girls and Year 6 sex education and Kempsey Fest
  • Friday - Kempsey fest!

We sincerely hope that all makes sense!


We would also like the children to bring a strong plastic bag with them to school next week so that we can start sending their work from the year home.

Friday 28th June 2019


The year 6 production is shaping up nicely with nearly all the children knowing their lines and now becoming familiar with where and when they need to be on stage. We will be doing a dress rehearsal on Thursday morning, please ensure that your child has their costume with them on that day. The Year 6s also had a fantastic day at Hanley from whom we received some very warm feedback about how well they represented themselves. 


The Year 5s have been learning about modern day justice, including a visit from PC Tina Cowan who gave the children a very detailed introduction in the consequences of crime for younger people.  


In English the year 5s have been using the poem ‘Budapest’ by Billy Collins as a stimulus for their own poems. His poem if full of atmosphere, created by the very careful and precise use of metaphor. Using this poem has allowed the children to explore the language they use in great depth. We have included some examples of the finished work on our class web pages; they are well worth a look! 


Next week we will be looking at the court system as part of our work in English and topic, with a focus on the role and structure of magistrate's courts. In the afternoons the Year 6s will be taking part in the STAR programme, which is a drugs education programme delivered by the police. For further information, do give us a call or drop us an email. 

Friday 21st June 2019


The year 6s are gathering speed with their production and this will provide a focus for their work in school next week. In the meantime, the year 5s have been immersing themselves in the modern day criminal system. This has fostered some great discussions about what crime is and the degree to which punishments fit the crimes they are designed to stop. They have also been looking at prison statistics - examples of their graphs and observations can be found on our class web page! 


In Science, the year 5s undertook a whole-school investigation into fingerprints, which generally fall into one of three categories; arch, loop and whorl. Again, examples can be found on our class page. Next week the Year 5s will be given a slightly freer rein with their research into crime and punishment and will be communicating their findings using MS Powerpoint. In Maths, we will be looking at scales, maps and measurements, challenging the children to draw plans with increasing accuracy. It’s always interesting to explore the children’s concept of space and distance. 


Don’t forget it is walk to school week next week.  We are linking this to the BRAKE Kids walk on Wednesday 26th June and thinking about road safety too.  Walk all week and receive a certificate! 


Finally, it looks like it’s going to be hot next week so please make sure your child has some sun cream on! 

Y6 Production - props and costumes 

Dear Parents,

In preparation for the production please could you ensure your child has the appropriate costume as detailed below.  We have sourced quite a few props ourselves but would be grateful if anyone is able to donate the following. Please let your class teacher know if you can donate any of these or need any assistance with the costume.

Best wishes,

Miss Stone and Miss Underwood

Props needed

Small suitcase x 4

Buckets (in style of milk pail) x 2

Whistles for each police lady

Hardhats (for lumberjacks)

Green sheet

Large sheet

2 microphones


Milkshake glass (plastic)

Pair of trousers (baby/ toddler size)

Air horn

Large plastic/ cuddly fish (check KS1)


Old headbands x 6

Witches hat

Wolf mask


Goldie Lox – long dress “fairy tale style”

Simple Simon – trousers/ shorts. Button up shirt (and braces if possible)

Mother Hubbard – dress with apron over front, bonnet

Marigold – dark trousers and dark top

Papa Bear – blazer, dark trousers and bear ears

Mama Dress – dress or skirt, blouse and bear ears

Junior Bear – casual clothes and bear ears

Big Bill – blue jeans, white t-shirt and braces and goat’s horns on headband

Middle Bill - blue jeans, white t-shirt and braces and goat’s horns on headband

Little Bill - blue jeans, white t-shirt and braces and goat’s horns on headband

Chief Inspector Drain – police helmet, white shirt and school trousers/ leggings/ skirt and smart blazer/ jacket

PCs Doughnut, Fuzzbut, Flatfoot, Plod and Fizzbuzz – police helmet, white shirt and school trousers/ skirt/leggings

Rusty Hairclips – white shirt, blazer, bow tie and smart trousers

Dwayne Pipe – trousers and blouse tucked in

Pip the Paper boy – jeans and t-shirt and braces

Dr Foster and Nurse Potter – black trousers, white t-shirt and white overcoats (stethoscopes and mouth masks if possible)

Jack Spratt – blue mac, black jeans, smart shirt and tie and trilby hat

Tom and Tom – blue jeans and white top with open shirt

Bo Peep – “fairy tale inspired outfit”

Miss Muffet - “fairy tale inspired outfit”

Peter Piper - blue jeans and white top with open shirt

Wee Willie Winky – pyjamas and old fashioned nightcap

Humpty and Dumpty – pale coloured baggy tops and pillows (to stuff underneath), blue jeans

The waitresses – dark blouse, school skirt, black tights and aprons

The Lumberjacks – blue jeans and checked shirts (over white t-shirt)

Friday 14th June 2019


We have been exploring some geometry in maths this week, starting with the relationship between the diameter and circumference of circles and introducing the notion of Pi. The children have gone on to draw regular 2 dimensional shapes using their knowledge of circles and angles to help them.


In topic lessons, Y5 have been looking at the Victorian justice system, which has thrown up some interesting questions from the children. Next week, they will be learning about the modern justice system including restorative justice and prisoner's rights and privileges and getting the children to think about how fair they think it is.


Maths next week will be devoted to the organisation and interpretation of data. We will be setting them an investigative challenge in science where the children will be asked to design their own science investigation.


Please note that there is a meeting about next year’s residential for the Year 5 parents. Children are welcome to come along but we do ask that they sit with their parents.

Friday 7th June 2019


The children have been really challenged in maths this week, exploring the daunting realms of algebra, with varying degrees of success. Their learning culminated in a great code-breaking/ problem-solving lesson where they had to be detectives!


In English we have used our class books ‘Holes’ as a spring board for looking closely at racial discrimination in the American South. The children have been exceptionally thoughtful in their response to the treatment of black people in post-war America. They have been looking closely at the life of Rosa Parks and the incredible impact she had on black equality and justice.


Justice is a key theme as we journey deeper into our ‘Crime and Punishment’ topic, this week looking at the treatment of groups through the Pendle Witch trials. Next week Y5 will be turning their attention to the Victorian justice system. The Year 6s will be focusing on getting their production ready for the end of term.

Friday 24th May 2019


It has been lovely to relax a little bit after the SATs last week and the children have enjoyed getting back into a more normal routine. In Maths, we have been looking at ratio (always a tricky area of the subject) and in English the children have been writing letters recounting Stanley’s experience arriving at Camp Green Lake (based on the story ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar).


In the afternoons the children have been comparing crime and punishment from different eras of history.  This topic has really captured the children’s imaginations and is fostering some amazing debates about what is ‘fair’. We are particularly keen that the children think deeply about what we mean by justice and will be keeping this in mind as we work through the rest of the topic.


Homework for half term is a Maths code-breaking sheet and the Topic Homework sent out previously (see the class webpage for the Topic homework if you have lost your sheet!).


Friday 17th May 2019


What a week! Congratulations to Year 6 who completed their SATS test this week. We are so proud of every single one of them! Their attitude has been consistently positive and it was great to see them all be so supportive of one another.


Year 5 have worked hard this week finishing their snail and caterpillar stories, which they performed the Reception and Year 1. They have also completed a Lunar Themepark challenge in maths.


This week we also launched our new topic: Crime and Punishment. This was initiated on Monday by PC Kettle coming into school to arrest Mr Willetts for a shop lifting. Fortunately for us, he was quickly de-arrested! In topic lessons this week we have breifly looked at crime and punishment through history; discussed appropriate punishments for different crimes and ordered these by severity along a continuum; looked at the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of eye-witness testimony and had debates about how people commit crimes and what deters people from commiting crimes.


Next week we will be returning to our usual classes for more ‘normal’ lessons. In English we will be beginning a sequence of writing using Holes by Louis Sachar as a stimulus, in maths we will be investigating ratio and proportion and afternoons will predominantly be topic.


There is no maths or spellings homework this week however we are sending home this term’s topic homework. This will be due in during the penultimate week of the summer term.

Friday 10th May 2019


It’s been a busy week with a focus being on preparing the year 6s as best we can for their tests next week. Year 6 continue to work exceptionally hard with everything we are asking of them – we are so proud of their progress and brilliant attitude towards their revision. The year 5s have continued their own curriculum work, looking closely this week at the properties of 3D shapes in maths. All the children have been engaged in writing a short story suitable for a younger audience. This has proved to be a much bigger challenge than expected!


Next week is SATs week but we will also be lauching our new topic, the title of which is to be kept a secret until Monday afternoon! More about what the children get up to will be revealed on our class pages as the week unfolds…


This is the first year that we have had 3 classes of year 5 and 6 and has presented us with a slightly more complex challenge in terms of preparing the year 6s for SATs whilst maintaining curriculum provision for the year 5s. We would like to thank you and the children for your support throughout this period. Things will go back to something approaching ‘normal’ after the tests.


This week we have welcomed Miss Tyler and Miss Tse two trainee teachers who will be with us for the next seven weeks.  


Please do keep an eye on our class web pages- we work hard to post a couple of items per week so that you can see what the children have been up to.


There is no homework this weekend apart from spellings. We would like the year 6s to relax, sleep and do something completely un-sats related. That said, if they would like to do some more work from their CGP or small maths books…

Friday 3rd May 2019


The children have settled quickly into their new term. This week we have been finishing our work on Helen Keller; drafting, editing and polishing our biographies of her amazing life. In maths we have returned to fractions, spending our time revising how to order them and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.


Next week is our last week for the year 6s before they undertake their SATs in the week beginning 13th May. As a result, we will be splitting the 5s and 6s for a little more time, allowing us to focus on test skills whilst still providing the year 5s with the curriculum they need. As the year 6s get some further test practice, the year 5s will be looking at 3D shape.


Because of the SATs, our new topic for the rest of the term will start in the afternoons of SATs week. We are keeping a little tight-lipped about what it is going to be, but we’re excited about the topic we have chosen!


Homework this week is spelling, CGP books (yr5 pp52-55 and yr6 pp25-25 and pp52-53) and the year 6s can practice as much as possible using their red and green maths books as well as other pages in the CGP books if they wish.

Friday 12th April 2019


This week we have had a focus on deaf awareness. The pinnacle of our week was on Thursday when we hosted a ‘Deaf Awareness Day’ in association with the National Deaf Children’s society. The classes enjoyed a road show from ambassadors of the charity and engaged in many different activities including: finger spelling, non-verbal communication, learning some sign language and meeting Obie a ‘hearing dog’.


In English we have been learning about Helen Keller, a famous deaf-blind woman, who campaigned for equality of disabled people and also women’s suffrage. In maths we have been completing our end of term assessments. Year 5 have also evaluted their DT puppets by taking them to KS1 and Reception to perform a puppet show and explain the mechanics of their puppets whilst the Year 6s have been continuing with SATS practice.


On Wednesday, Year 6 were visited from members of KS3 staff from HCHS regarding their transition into Year 7 – the aim of which is to ease the transition from Primary to High School and learn the expectations that HCHS have of the children.


Homework for the Easter Break includes:


Year 5

Year 6



Maths Skills Sheet

Maths arithemetic sheet

CGP page 24 - 25 (prepositions), page 30 - 32 (past tense)

Maths booklets – as many pages/sections as you wish

CGP: page 19 – 23 (present and past tense, subject and object)

Friday 5th April 2019


This week we have focussed on co-ordinates, specifically: plotting, reflecting and translating across four quadrants, in maths. In English we have explored language in depth using the Very Hungry Caterpillar as a stimulus. The children came up with some interesting discussion on synonyms, choice of vocabulary and punctuation.


Year 6 have continued with SATS practice whilst Year 5 have completed a D&T puppet project with Miss Stone. We have also covered night and day in Science and explored the Science behind it. 


Next week, we will be completing half termly maths assessments. In English we will be writing a short biography of about Helen Keller. 


Homework this week includes spellings. Year 6 maths homework section 2 from both books. Year 5 have a maths skills sheet. Grammar homework this week is: Year 6 pp 58-61 (colons and semi-colons) and Year 5 pp44-47 (commas continued). 


Next week is the final week of term. A few things to note: 


Deaf Awareness Day 

On Thursday we are having a ‘Deaf Awareness Day’. This will include a visit from the Deafness Roadshow and activities to follow. Thursday will also be a non-uniform day for £1 – money collected will be donated the  National Deaf Childrens’ Society.  


Easter Service 

On Friday we have our Easter Service at the church which will commence at 1:30pm. You are invited and children can be collected straight from the church if you wish.  

Friday 29th March 2019


This week we have been planning and drafting reports in English for a missing ‘thing’. The children have learned how to organise a report and use colons and semi-colons in a complex list!


Next week we will continue with this and also spend a few sessions looking in depth in writing through authorial voice and how authors use very specific words to convey meaning. In maths this week we revisited volume and also worked on capacity. Next week we will be focussing on position and direction.  


The Year 6s have been continuing with SAT revision, demonstrating some good progress in their reading and more working collaboratively to tackle a maths and SPAG paper.  


The year 5s have been busy with their DT projects, researching string and rod puppets from around the world, with a particular focus on how they are constructed. They created designs for their own puppets based on characters from ‘The Lost Thing’. They will start work on creating their puppets using different sewing and woodwork techniques next week. 


Homework this week includes: weekly spellings, maths conversion between units sheets and CGP Grammar book pages: Year 5 pp.40-43 (commas) and Year 6 pp.40- 45 (commas). 


Miss Phillips resigned this week due to personal reasons however we are very fortunate that on Wednesday, Miss Ford (a trainee teacher who has not long completed her final placement in Oak class) joined us as our full time teaching assistant and will be with the class until the end of the summer term.  


Friday 22nd March 2019


This week, we have been interpreting data in maths, presented in a range of forms including bar charts, line graphs, scatter graphs and carroll diagrams. Next week in maths we will be looking at measures and converting between different units.


In English we have been using ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan as a stimulus for writing narrative. Next week we will be writing police reports!


We have started studying Earth, Moon and Space in science, with a lesson which demonstrated to the children how far apart the planets are. Did you know that if our sun was the size of a large football, then the nearest star to us would be in Glasgow!?


We would like to say thank you to the children for their excellent behaviour during our trip to the Mosque and Cathedral on Monday. It was a lovely day and we received such a warm welcome in both venues.


Homework this week is a maths skills sheet and work from the CGP books: Year 6 pp.32-35 (Standard and non-standard English) and Year 5 pp.33-35 (Standard and non-standard English).

Friday 15th March 2019


The children have had a great time rewriting the Highwayman as a modern day tale this week, using their imaginations to develop fantastic descriptions of setting and character. Watch the class web page next week for some examples after they have been written up neatly. Next week we will be moving on to a new topic, using ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan as a basis for some more writing and some thinking about why things are lost. Ultimately, we will be challenging the children to think about their relationship to waste and the responsibility we have for its minimisation.


In maths next week we will be working with statistics, analysing and interpreting data. We will be interpreting data presented in a variety of ways including bar charts, line graphs and pie charts.


As part of science week the children have been taking part in a range of investigations. Next week we will be turning our attention to Earth and Space, consolidating knowledge and skills developed lower down the key stage.


Spellings this week are all homophones; these are tricky as they sound the same but are spelled differently. Maths homework is a range of statistic questions to have a go at; they do get tricky so just do what you can! Grammar this week from the CGP books is Year 5 Pp. 13, 16, 17 and Year 6 11, 12, 13. As always, do contact us with any issues.


Just a reminder about the trip to Gloucester on Monday- please make sure the children have a drink and packed lunch and are dressed respectfully in school uniform.

Friday 8th March 2019


This week we have been using the narrative-poem ‘The Highwayman’ as a stimulus in English. We have unpicked the details of the poem; looked at character and setting and summarising the key events of the plot with drama. Next week, we will continue with this stimulus by re-telling the story in narrative form from a modern perspective. Through Art on Tuesday afternoon, the children created some wonderful illustrations of characters and scenes from the poem.


In maths we have focussed on using protractors to both measure and draw angles as well as calculating interior angles of shapes using the knowledge of what the total sum of the interior angles should be.


Yesterday was World Book Day – thank you and well done to all of the children which made such a fabulous effort with their costumes! In the morning we shared a story with some parent-readers, followed by a whole school assembly to celebrate World Book Day. We then did drama and finished off the day by spending the afternoon with our Book Buddies. Redwood’s buddies are in Elm Class (Year 1) and together we designed ‘booky bunting’ of our favourite characters, created our own bookmarks and learnt a Julia Donaldson poem off by heart – including actions!


Today, we were very fortunate to be invited to the Hive to watch a Science show. As expected, Sycamore class behaved exceptionally – well done!  Next week is Science week: this will involve us conducting some interesting (and gross!) experiments, as well as researching famous scientists. Homework this week includes spellings, a maths skills sheet or the option of further practising the skills we have covered in class this week (finding missing angles using known facts). The class have also been offered a more challenging additional sheet on calculating interior angles, if they wish to take it.

Friday 1st March 2019


This week the year 6s have turned their attention to a little more concerted SATs prep, with some work on Monday and Tuesday on some key skills in Maths and English. The year 5s have been studying aspects of physical and human geography in the USA. This work will continue this week.


In English we been have using the short film ‘The Lighthouse’ as a stimulus for some really lovely narrative work. This film can be found easily on youtube if you fancy taking a look. In Maths we have been measuring and drawing angles and have started exploring the angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.


Next week we are going to be looking at The Highwayman, a fantastic narrative poem by by Alfred Noyes. A link to the poem can be found on the class page. We will be studying the poem carefully for language and structure. On Monday and Tuesday afternoons the year 6 children will be continuing their SATs prep.


Thank you so much to the children for all the homework sent in from half term- we will be marking this next week with the children (we have been waiting for a few stragglers to hand theirs in!). Homework this week is all about finding missing angles. See how far the children can get and please do say if there are any problems with it.


Next Thursday is World Book Day- the children can come to school dressed as a character from a book (not film!). On Friday we are taking the children to a science festival at The Hive, organised by the University of Worcester. We will be leaving shortly after registration and will be back for lunchtime.

Friday 15th February 2019


This week has been a busy one with the completion of our half-termly assessments. We have been so impressed with the children’s hard-working approach throughout the week. In the afternoons we have started some work looking at North and South America; our aim is to continue with this after half term.


In order to best prepare the Year 6 children for their SATs we will be splitting them from the Year 5s for a couple of afternoons a week, from half term. We may adjust the timetable again as we approach the SATs in May. Our aim is to give the Year 6 children plenty of preparation time with minimum disruption for the Year 5s.


We would like to thank you all especially this half term for the support you gave the children with their Titanic topic work. This has proved to be a very popular subject for the children and the quality of their homework certainly reflects this. Check out our class page for images of the work the children did.


Homework for half term is set out below. If your Year 6 child did not buy the maths books, they can complete a weekly skills sheet instead.


Year 6- CGP grammar book pp 4-7 and Section 1 in both maths books

Year 5- CGP grammar book pp 4 and 5 plus maths weekly skills sheets


Thank you once again for your continued support. Have a good half term!

Friday 8th February 2019


This week has been e-safety week, with Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 5th February. The theme for this year has revolved around the theme of consent. If the children do not want something posted about them by someone else then they have the right to say no, including the use of photographs. We have also re-visited some of the key themes associated with staying safe online and looking at the children’s digital footprint. We have conducted another survey regarding the children’s online activities and will share these with you in due course.


The children have been finishing their Titanic reports this week and have started putting together instruction texts on how to stay safe on line.


Next week we will be completing our half termly assessments in maths and reading. In our afternoon sessions we will be researching countries in North and South America to compare and contrast their human and physical features.


Topic homework will be shared and celebrated in Sycamore on Friday


If you have bought them, please make sure that the children bring their CGP grammar books into school. We will be using these in school.


Friday 1st February 2019


We have been having a big push this week on the quality of presentation in the children’s books and they have certainly risen to the challenge.


In maths we have been making links between decimals and percentages and in English the children have been getting to grips with writing cohesive paragraphs. 


Next week is Safer Internet Week. The theme for the week is ‘consent’; what do the children understand of the word in terms of their on-line activities? We will be sharing the outcomes of our focus on digital well-being and being resilient online with pupils at Welland and Hanley Swan through a planned live digital link up in an assembly on Friday afternoon. We are looking forward to a busy week of engaging activities.

Friday 25th January 2019


Firstly, Miss Phillips and I are extremely proud of the children’s efforts and their performance in our Titanic themed class assembly today! It has been a good opportunity for us all to reflect on and remember the bravery and resilience of those on board and how this relates to our focus on kindness, respect and resilience here at Kempsey. Thank you to all of you who were able to come and watch our assembly and visit our classroom.


The children have enjoyed learning more about the Titanic this week, with a clear focus on who may ultimately have been responsible. This has fostered some fascinating conversations about fact and opinion and how the truth is often difficult to get to!


In maths, we have turned our attention to the often sticky subject of multiplying and dividing decimals. The children have really impressed us with the progress they have made though!


Next week we will be writing reports about why the Titanic sank and where some of the blame for this might lie. In maths we are continuing to practise converting between fractions and decimals and will be starting to explore percentages as well.  In addition, we will be doing some scale drawing so that the children can appreciate how big the Titanic was.


Homework this week is spelling and a weekly maths skills sheet.

Friday 18th January 2019


This week we have focussed on recounts in English; we analysed actual letters written from survivors of the Titanic and used this to inspire our own recount texts. In maths we have started work on decimals, specifically comparison, ordering, addition and subtraction. In computing we have begun to explore data and data handling. In art we have recreated scenes from the Titanic looking at perspective and pencil skills.


Next week we will be continuing with work on decimals in maths. In English we will be focusing on reading comprehension skills and of course starting to rehearse for our class assembly!


Homework this week includes a decimal calculation sheet and spellings. Also a reminder, that Topic homework for this half term has already gone out and is due in during the final week of the half term. Copies of this can be found on the website if they have been misplaced.

Friday 11th January 2019


Welcome back and a happy new year to you all!


We have started the spring term with a push on self esteem, self acceptance and body positivity. On Tuesday we were visited by Harnaam Kaur ( a bearded lady and body positivity activist) and had a session learning about embracing our individuality and having the confidence to be who we are.


This week we have started our new topic for the half term: the Titanic. We have started looking into the passengers that went on the ship and have used the opening scene of the film as a stimulus for our writing this week. The children have come up with some interesting questions which we will incorporate into our future lessons. In maths this week we have continued with area and perimeter.


Next week, we will study the timeline of events in the sinking of the Titanic and use this to link to our writing in subsequent lessons. In English we are going to be writing recounts from the perspective of a passenger that has successfully made it to New York following the Titanic’s sinking. In Maths we will be moving onto decimals and percentages.

Friday 14th December 2018


There has definitely been a sense of Christmas in the air this week, which has been packed full of assessments, helping us to secure our judgements about where the children are with their learning at the moment. We undertook some work in science on friction and have been writing persuasive letters in English.


Next week we will be finishing our WW2 topic by looking at the life of Anne Frank and tying up some loose ends in area and perimeter. Due to the short week next week we will not be sending spellings home this weekend, but do expect a bumper selection to revise and learn over the holiday!


We would like to thank you all for your support this term. Next term is such a key one in terms of progress and learning and we are looking forward to seeing more of the children’s creativity as well.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Friday 7th December 2018


Our week started with the Panto and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Maths has focused on perimeter and area and the focus in English has been writing from different perspectives.


We did some fascinating work about the role of soldiers from across the Commonwealth played in the Second World War, including those from far-flung posts such as New Zealand and India. Interestingly, the British Indian Army was made up of a voluntary force comprising Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. The children were amazed at the sheer number of soldiers, both conscripted and volunteers, who fought across the world.


Next week we will be doing further work in science on the force of friction. English will focus on persuasive writing and maths will continue to develop knowledge and understanding of area and perimeter.


Finally, a gentle reminder that the children’s topic homework is due in by the end of next week. We are intending to share it as a whole class one afternoon before the end of term; we have already seen some amazing work.

Friday 30th November 2018


The children have extended their understanding of fractions this week to multiplying and dividing them. They have been writing a narrative based on evacuation and the character of Willie in Good Night Mister Tom, using elements of setting and character to engage the reader. We have also had a focus on the use of fronted adverbials, subordinating conjunctions and speech punctuation.


Next week we are all going to the panto at The Swan Theatre on Monday. In maths we will be moving on to looking at area and perimeter and in English we will be writing recounts in the form of diary entries. In topic we are keen to open the children’s eyes to the role that Commonwealth soldiers played in the British forces, looking at the varying cultural and religious back grounds that they came from.


Homework this week is a weekly skills sheet. Don’t forget that the topic homework sheet has come home. If this has been lost it can be found on your child’s class web page or we are happy to print another copy

Friday 23rd November 2018


This week we have started our World War 2 topic. On Monday, we immersed the children in our topic launch by playing them Chamberlain’s speech, followed by an air raid siren and then evacuated the children to the hall. We are using WW2 as a focus for our literacy: we are using Goodnight Mr Tom as a stimulus and this week we have used inference to get an understanding of how evacuees and host families may have felt during WW2.


Next week we will be using this to support us in writing a narrative for the scenes before the book begins (whilst Willie is at the train station and his journey to the countryside).


In maths we have been calculating fractions of amounts and applying this to problem solving. Next week we are moving on multiplying and dividing by fractions.


Homework this week includes a fractions maze and spellings. We are also sending the topic homework home, due for completion and return to school by Monday 10th December.

Friday 9th November 2018


We love our new classrooms. The children have settled so well into them; Willow and Redwood in particular are enjoying the space after last term! Please do feel free to poke your heads in at the end of the day if you would like to have a look around. We will be having a formal opening of the new teaching block later in the term.


This week we have focused the majority of our work around Armistice and World War I. The children have amazed us with their interest in the subject and their compassion. They have produced some beautiful work, which is on display in each of our new classrooms. So inspired have we been by the children that their new topic, when we get back from residential, will be all about World War II.


Next week we take the Year 6s on residential. The Year 5s will be led by a team of teachers and TAs for the week and we have lots of exciting learning lined up for them.

Friday 26th October 2018


The children have had a busy final week of term. We have finished our non-chronological reports in English and continued with our work on fractions in maths. On Wednesday, we enjoyed a trip to the Beeline festival at Worcester University and listened to a talk by Martin Brown (illustrator of Horrible Histories) as well as having tours around the Infirmary and exploring the museum.


After half term, we will be completing a sequence of learning about Armistice and Remembrance – this will be a focus for both our writing and artwork.


During Parents Evenings this week a few parents asked for examples of reading comprehension questions that they could use for when their child is reading at home. You can find an exmample on the homework page. Homework for half term includes maths and spellings.


Have a restful half term

Friday 19th October 2018


This week the children have been working really hard on their half termly assessments.  In science this week we have stretched our knowledge for the evidence of evolution by investigating fossils. We studied secondary sources of evidence (such as videos of ‘Lucy’ and whale evolution and photos of fossils from different eras) as well as looking at fossils which Miss Stone brought in for us to look at. In computing we learnt about networks and how information travels throughout the school building.


This week was the penultimate swimming lesson for the Year 6s. They have all been making good progress with their swimming and one group enjoyed practising their life saving.


Next week is the final week of half term. We will be continuing our work with fractions in maths and writing about life on board the HMS Beagle in English. Children should have taken home their parents’ evening letters with consultation times attached.

Homework this week includes a maths skills sheet and spellings.


A reminder – Topic Homework is due in next Monday 22nd October.

Friday 12th October 2018


This week the children have started research for their non-chronological reports, specifically focussing on Darwin’s discovery of the two different types of tortoises on the Galapagos islands. In Maths we have focussed on equivalent fractions and the simplification of these.


We will continue with both of these strands next week and will continue with researching and writing our reports. Next week is a ‘reading week’ at school. For this, we will be learning and performing a poem and writing book reviews. We will also be restarting Book Buddies. We will also be starting some end of term assessments in anticipation of parents’ evening.


Friday 5th October 2018


This week the children have been writing letters of application for jobs on board the HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin’s ship. They have been persuading Darwin by telling him about all their experiences in various occupations and on the high seas!


In science they have begun looking at variation in species, with a focus on the finches studied on the Galapagos Islands. They have been doing scientific sketches in art and are enjoying some great music lessons. We have also started exploring creation stories and beliefs from a range of religions.


Next week we will be deepening our understanding of variation and adaptation in science. In English we will be undertaking research in order to write a non-chronological report about the voyage of the HMS Beagle, who was on board, life on ship and their discoveries.


In maths we will be turning our attention to fractions, more specifically the simplification of them.

Friday 28th September 2018


We have been working hard on multiples and factors this week, encouraging deeper thinking and challenging the children to make links between the various elements of their maths.


We launched our new topic of evolution and inheritance. on Wednesday The children really enjoyed sharing photographs of their families and identifying the physical characteristics that have been passed down through generations! Some of the family histories were fascinating as well.


Next week we will be turning our attention to the theory of evolution and natural selection, looking at the principles underlying this with a sharp focus on the life of Charles Darwin. We will be using this as a vehicle for a short piece of persuasive writing.

In maths we will continue to look at the properties of numbers including prime numbers.


Finally an apology. We realise that we had identified the date of the parents’ meeting for the residential but not the time! It will be held next Wednesday (the 3rd October) in the hall at 6.00pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday 21st September 2018


Another busy week in Year 5/6! We have been working hard on our calculation skills and delving more deeply into our topic on children’s rights. The children have been learning about Malala Yousafzai and are currently writing a report about her.

On Wednesday next week we will be starting our new topic of Evolution and Inheritance. To launch the topic, we would like the children to bring some photographs in of their family including, if possible, brothers, sisters, mums, dads, aunts and uncles. In this topic we will cover the theory of evolution, fossils, adaptation, the story of Charles Darwin and some key geographical language.


A date for your diaries

We will be holding a parents’ information evening for Year 6 parents to provide information about the residential on Wednesday 3rd October. The children are welcome to come along but we do request that they sit with their parents/ carers.


We have sent home a kit list home this week to give you lots of time to gather things together. We can answer any questions regarding this list at the meeting. Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Friday 14th September 2018


This week we have been working hard with some baseline assessment in maths and have had a focus on place value in maths lessons. This year we are approaching maths in a slightly different ways to previously; we intend to stretch the children with their reasoning skills and challenging them with the depth of their learning, opposed to just providing them with reams of calculations to do.


We have continued with our topic of ‘the rights of the child’ and used this as a stimulus for our writing and topic lessons. The children compared and contrasted images of different in bedrooms and schools around the world which lead to some interesting discussion within the classes.


Next week Year 6 will be beginning their swimming lessons on a Thursday – please ensure they have a swimming costume (one piece for girls), goggles, towel and a swimming cap. The children will be grouped according to their current level of swimming and those that can already swim more than 25m will take part in life-saving skills.


Pupils will start French lessons next week and will be working towards writing a letter to a pupil of a similar age from a French primary school. The French school have suggested that the pupils exchange photos (with first names only) along with the letters. If you do not wish for your child’s photo to be included please let your child’s class teacher know.


Homework this week includes: weekly spellings, topic homework and a maths skills sheet. Children have had the option to take home either their current or previous years maths skills sheet. Please remind them that we are yet to cover the majority of the curriculum and that they don’t have to get everything correct! Just try your best!


Topic homework:

Create a factfile or poster about one of the individuals below. Rephrase the content you find online - don’t copy and paste! Due in Friday 28th September.

  • Rosa Parks
  • Mahatma Ghandi
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Mother Theresa
  • Emmeline Pankhurst
  • William Wilberforce
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