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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Weekly Letters

Friday 8th November 2019


At the beginning of this week we concluded our Natural Disasters topic with the construction of earthquake-proof buildings and a celebration of some fantastic topic homework- well done to all the children who brought in homework to share. Lots of examples can be found on the class web page.


We launched our new topic this week with the children placing the Roman occupation of Britain on a timeline and then designing catapults! The children have their new topic homework, to be returned to school no later than 16th December. Please don’t view the tasks as a finite list; if the children are inspired to do anything else, then we welcome their creativity.


Next week is residential week and the Year 6 children are very excited. They will be looked after for the week by Miss Underwood, Miss Stone and Mrs Steele. Mr Willetts will be visiting at the end of the week and Mrs Baynes will be visiting at some point.


The Year 5s will be taught in two small classes by Mr Willetts, Mrs Cooke, Mrs Bennet, Miss Steele (student) and Miss Grimshaw (student). It will be business as usual with English, Maths, Science and Topic lessons through the week. As it is a national anti-bullying week, much of our work will be centred around this important issue.


Please be aware that the school will be closed on Monday 25th November, due to a HUET wide planned closure.


Friday 25th October 2019


During this final week of the half term, we have been bringing together our knowledge learnt from our Natural Disasters topic by creating our own ‘earthquake survival guides’. In maths, we delved into statistics, specifically tables and line graphs. In science, we investigated how objects change weight in water compared to air, due to the different forces which are acting upon it.


After half term, we plan to have our topic homework celebration on the first Tuesday back and then launch into our new topic ‘what did the Romans do for Britain?’.


On the first Thursday back, 7th November, Year 5 will commence their half term of swimming sessions. Please ensure your child has their swimming kit on school on Thursdays, including a swimming cap for long hair.


Homework for the half term includings spellings and a line graph maths sheet.


Finally, further to the letter sent out earlier this week, a reminder that Sycamore and Oak will be hosting the next Kempsey Café on Friday 8th November. This café will have a Remembrance theme. At the beginning of the week, the children will be designing invites to send out to grandparents and other members of the elderly community; please could you let us know who they wish to invite by Monday 4th November so we can get the invites sent out in good time

Friday 18th October 2019


This week in topic, we have collated our notes and used them to write non-chronological reports of the events of Mt St Helens eruption (1980) or the San Francisco earthquake (1989). Our volcano art work shows evidence of how much we have learned already this term about perspective.  We have continued to develop our understanding of forces in Science.  Next week our topic lessons will take the form of creating earthquake proof shelters in Design Technology.


On Thursday enjoyed our trip to St Mary’s church to celebrate Harvest.  Everyone seemed to sing enthusiastically and enjoy sharing this time together.  Thank you to all those who attended and especially to those who have donated food  items.


In our maths work we have squared and cubed numbers as well as multiplying and dividing by tens, one hundred and one thousand.  Next week, we will move on to interpreting graphs and tables. In English this week we have been looking at similes and metaphor and continuing to develop our use of figurative language, which we have then applied to our own narratives based on the short film ‘Dangle’.  Next week we are writing an ‘Earthquake Survival Guide’.


Please note there are no clubs on Monday and Tuesday due to Parents’ Evening.  This will be held in the hall and you should have received your time slot for this.  Please check if you are unsure.  As this week was the last swimming session for year 6 there is no swimming lesson next week.  Homework this week is spellings and a maths sheet to consolidate our understanding of squared and cubed numbers. 


Finally, to reitterate. There has been some confusion over the return date for the topic homework. We had initially proposed a date in December, this date however had failed to factor in that we are starting work on the Romans after half term, so the new date for return will be Monday 4th November, thus providing half term to complete. If there are any problems/ concerns over this please do let us know.

Friday 11th October 2019


This week in topic, following some computing input on web browsers, search engines and Boolean operators, we have conducted our own research on the Mt St Helens eruption (1980) or the San Francisco earthquake (1989). Next week, we will collate our notes and use them to write non-chronological reports of the events.


In maths this week we have continued with factors and also covered prime numbers. Next week, we will move on to square and cubed numbers. In english this week we have been looking in depth at language and texts, analysing them in terms of grammatical features and content. Next week, we will apply our knowledge when writing our own narratives based on the short film ‘Dangle’.


Homework this week is spellings and a maths sheet on factors and multiples, which the children should all be comfortable with, having covered the topic this week (see the ‘help’ section to support your child with this if needed).


Finally, if your child is in the Y6 swimming lifesaving group, please could they bring a pair of pyjamas, long sleeved top or tshirt that you would happy for them to wear in the pool. Please also note that last week will be the final swimming session for Year 6.

Friday 4th October 2019


This week we have continued with our topic on natural disasters, focussing on the geographical features of earthquakes and also locating volcanoes and earthquakes on a world map. We identified a pattern and then learnt about the ‘Ring of Fire’, as well as reasoning why people choose to live in places that have a high chance of a natural disaster occurring. In English, we have finished our narrative recounts on Pompeii and presented them in neat. Maths has focused on factors, multiplies and the column method for multiplication (Y5).


Next week in maths we will continue working with multiples and then learn about prime, square and cube numbers. In topic lessons, we will be researching about a natural disaster of our choosing and presenting information within a non-chronological report. In English, we will be focussing on story starts and analysing texts in detail for grammatical devices and authorial intent.


Homework this week is spellings and a maths sheet on multiplication (very important for our work on factors, mutliples and prime numbers!).

Friday 27th September 2019


This week we have started our new topic ‘Survivors’ about natural disasters. In English we have been researching about Pompeii and gathering notes and ideas in order to write a narrative recount from the perspective of someone who survived the volcanic eruption. In topic lessons we have also researched volcanoes in greater depth. Maths this week has included applying written methods of addition and subtraction.


This week we were also visited by the NSPCC, who did an assembly on speaking out and the role of Childline.


Next week in maths we will be exploring factors and mutliples. In English, we will continue with the same sequence of learning and write our narrative recounts. Topic lessons next week will involve learning about the geographical features of earthquakes.


Homework this week includes a maths calculation sheet, spellings and topic homework. Maths homework is due in on Thusday next week. Topic homework is due the final Thursday of half term.



Friday 20th September 2019


This week we have used a short film about inclusion as our stimulus for narrative writing in English. In Maths, we have been working with negative numbers – including ordering, comparing and using them within calculations.


Next week we are launching into a new topic ‘Survivors’, all about natural disasters. In in maths we will be looking in more depth at calculations. English will be a narrative recount linked to our new topic.


Non-uniform day

The whole school will be having a non-uniform day on Monday 23rd September (next Monday!) to help with the fundraising for Oscar Saxelby-Lee. £1 each – thank you!

Friday 13th September 2019


The children’s first full week back has been a busy one in Sycamore with the children diving straight into some great curriculum content. They have been looking at the similarities and differences between playgrounds around the world. We have been using the poem ‘Playground’ by Berlie Doherty as a structure for some of our own work, with a clear focus on the quality and choice of language being used by the children. In PE they have been enjoying learning some traditional playground games. Please do look at the class pages for some amazing examples of the artwork produced using line and tone.


In maths this week we have continued to look at place value, specifically: rounding and estimating position on a number line. Next week we will we working with negative numbers and comparing amounts.


Next week we will be looking at continents and world oceans before looking in more detail at two locations and the reasons for their differences. In English we will be using a very emotive short film about inclusion on playgrounds as a stimulus for some narrative writing.


Homework this week is a maths rounding sheet and spellings.


Friday 6th September 2019


Welcome back to a brand new academic year! We hope you have had an enjoyable summer and are ready for the new term.


This week we have started place value in Maths and analysed year 5 and 6 grammatical devices in English. Next week marks the start of our whole school topic ‘Playground’. Visit the class web pages for updates and photos of what we get up to. PE this term will take place on a Thursday or Friday so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days. In addition, Year 6 swimming also starts next week. Please ensure you have returned the consent slip and your child has googles and a swimming cap with them (if needed).


At KPS, we have a Food Bank which is available for all members of the community.  This was started last term and, already, many members of our community have benefited and we hope they will continue to do so.  However, the Food Bank is running low so at the start of this new academic year, we are asking for donations to re-stock this Bank.  Donations of the following items would be very gratefully received in school:  dried pasta, tinned food, soup, jams, cereal, squash, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and household items such as cleaning products, toilet paper, toothpaste and soap.  If you can donate even just one item to this very worthy cause, we would be so very grateful.  Please send items in with your child.  Thank you in advance!

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