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Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Following on from last Friday, we have decided to focus on spelling this week.  We will be investigating suffixes further looking at all the different rules. There were just too many to cover in one session.  Below you will find the same videos from last Friday (19th June) and the worksheets for the week.  These will be available in a pack from the school office from Monday lunchtime. 

Each day will focus on a different spelling rule.  Have a look at the worksheet to give you an idea of the words the children will be looking at.  Then complete a few different activities each day including the worksheet.  Ideas for activities include:

  • play hangman with the words for the day
  • think of other examples that fit with the rule
  • play matching pairs- match the words that are the same, or a pair could be those words that follow the rule
  • write a sentence using some of the words for the day
  • write a mnemonic for those tricky words
  • rainbow letters: write the words out using colours, going over the tricky part/or the rule in a different colour
  • write the words forwards and backwards- this will help you think of the order of the letters
  • word families: write down other words that use the root word: eg- slow, slowly, slowest
  • spelling test!!
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