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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Week beginning 11/05/20

Welcome to week four of Summer Term!

Well Year 6, this week should have been you SATs week - I'm sure there is a mix of different emotions from relief to disappointment that you didn't get chance to do your tests. Below is a poem to remind you how much you have achieved this year, despite the SATs...


Just Remember


Just remember your times tables, we said you need to know them all,

Breakfast is a must to grow big, strong and tall,

Fronted adverbials and parenthesis, you’ll need it when you write,

As each and every one of you tried with all your might,

And learn those spellings too, we groaned each and every rule,

They won’t treat you like this, we moaned, or be as understanding at High School,

“Where’s your CGP book?” we moaned, “you need to be doing this!”

“You’ve given us too much work already and now I’m stressed out, Miss!”

We’ve made mistakes, learned so much and ready to try our best,

But Miss, it’s unfair, we’ve worked our socks off and now they’ve cancelled our test!


Just remember Year 6, you’ve made us very proud,

But beyond the learning, it’s your personalities which stand out from the crowd,

Just remember you never gave up when it seemed so far from the start,

You learned as much as you possibly could and really did play your part,

Just remember what you’ve achieved and who you’ve become now,

Be proud in what you’ve accomplished, stand up and take a bow,

Just remember, Years 6s, what matters is that you’re safe and well,

And one day this insane story you’ll be able to share and tell,

And one last thing, we miss each and every one of you, hopefully we’ll see you before term ends,

Just remember: look after each other, love and be kind to all family and friends.


Home learning will continue as normal this week, see the sub pages below.laugh

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