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To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Topic Activities

This week, we are continuing with our 'My Family Tree' topic. Below are your activities for this week. Remember you can choose one and work on it a little bit each day, until you've completed it. You can then move onto a new one (but you don't have to complete all of them). Some of them, like the family tree one, might take quite a while! Also, check back throughout the week as activities are added at different times.


Keep smiling!


Activity 1 - Our Family Tree (this is continued from last week)

Lots of people explore their family trees in order to find out about their ancestors (these are people in your family who lived a long time ago), they often find out really interesting facts about people in their family tree. I wonder what you will find...


Start by looking at the PowerPoint in order to find out more about what a family tree is. You can then start to explore further. You can choose how much you explore, you might just create a family tree of close relatives (like parents and grandparents) or you might explore further and find out about others (like great grandparents, or great great grandparents? Maybe even your grandparent's brothers and sisters!). It's totally up to you how much investigating you do. You might find that this takes you some time. You could also ask people to help you. Why not call or video call other family members to find out what they know about your family tree? You might also like to see if people in your home would like to join in too!

Activity 2 - Time Capsule

There are still a few pages from the time capsule for you to complete. Why not work your way through these until you have completed your time capsule. When you have completed your time capsule, you could put it all together and hide it away somewhere, ready to find it again in weeks, months or years to come. 

Activity 3 - French

Follow the PowerPoint through to find out how to say the different members of your family. Once you have completed it, there's an activity to complete where you need to recall some of the ways to say different family members, in French! There is also a video to watch if you need some extra help.

Activity 3 - The history of Kempsey Village

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