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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Topic Activities

For this topic, we are going to give you a few Topic activities to work your way through each week. Choose one and do a little bit of it each day, when you have completed it, move on to another one. You do not have to complete all of the activities.


Topic activities - Week beginning 27.04.2020

Task 1 - Gratitude journal

For this activity, focus on the page in your Time Capsule pack called "How I'm Feeling". 


Start by filling this page out explaining how you're feeling today and what you're most grateful for. Then, each day for the rest of this week, take a few minutes to complete a 'gratitude journal' writing down something you are grateful for each day. They might be big things e.g. the new paddling pool you've got to keep cool on warm, sunny days, or they might be small things, like reading a story with someone at home. 


Why do you think keeping a gratitude journal might be a good thing?


How could you add more to your gratitude journal? Could you draw pictures of what you're grateful for? Maybe you could draw an emoji to show how you're feeling. You could also think of some 'goals' for the next day e.g. "Tomorrow, I'd like to help my dad in the garden".


Activity 2 - Games!


(this is taken from last week, if you have already completed this activity, you don't need to do it again)


I'm sure that whilst you've been learning from home, you've played lots of games. Maybe you've played a board game or you might have completed a puzzle. For this activity, we would like you to design and create your own game which can be played at home. This could be a board game or an active game (e.g. something you might play in the garden) or it could be something else. 


When you have designed your game, it would be great if you could email a picture of it to us (using the school's office email). We could then create a folder of different games to play at home, designed by you!

Task 3 - We're so thankful!

As I'm sure you know, every Thursday at 8pm, there is a 'clap for carers' to show our gratitude for all of the people working for the NHS to help people. There are also lots of other people working hard at the moment who we are very thankful for. 


Your task is to create a poster showing keyworkers that you are thankful for them and their hard work. It might be a poster saying thank you to the postman or postlady who delivers letters and parcels to your house or a poster saying thank you (which you might like to then put up for them to see!). You might choose to create a poster saying thank you to all of the people working in food shops, allowing us to buy all of the food we need.


Here are some examples:

You can also fill out this page in your Time Capsule pack!

Task 3 - mes loisirs (my hobbies)

I know that lots of you have got lots of different hobbies from horse riding to football and gymnastics to coding. I hope that whilst you're learning from home, you are getting lots of opportunities to practice your hobbies. 


Below is a link to a video where the children look at how to talk about their favourite hobbies, in French. See if you can recognise and say any of the hobbies they're talking about. 


After that, have a go at the French pairs game. Can you work out which phrase matches which hobby? When you've worked them out, see if you can write some sentences explaining what you like to do by starting with 'J'aime' (I like).


For example:

J'aime la lecture 

I like reading 

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