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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Topic Activities

For this topic, we are going to give you a few Topic activities to work your way through each week. Choose one and do a little bit of it each day, when you have completed it, move on to another one. You do not have to complete all of the activities.


Topic activities - Week beginning 20.04.2020


Activity 1 - A world of social distancing

At the moment, lots of children all around the world will be socially distancing, staying at home and doing their school work at home. For this activity, we would like you to research which other countries around the world are in a similar situation to us, which countries are having to stay at home? You might like to think about:


  • What you know about that country. What is the capital city? What does their flag look like? Include as much information as you can about that country.
  • How are the children in that country learning? Are they learning at home too?
  • What might the typical day of a child in one of those countries look like, whilst they're having to stay at home? What games might they play? What food might they eat?


You can present your information in any way you choose. You might make a poster or a leaflet, you might like to create a PowerPoint or a newspaper report, it's totally up to you!


You might find some helpful videos for this on the Newsround website. 


Activity 2 - Games!

I'm sure that whilst you've been learning from home, you've played lots of games. Maybe you've played a board game or you might have completed a puzzle. For this activity, we would like you to design and create your own game which can be played at home. This could be a board game or an active game (e.g. something you might play in the garden) or it could be something else. 


When you have designed your game, it would be great if you could email a picture of it to us (using the school's office email). We could then create a folder of different games to play at home, designed by you! 

Activity 3 - What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims across the globe, every year. This year it begins on Thursday 23rd April. Below is an activity that you can work through, in order to find out more about Ramadan.

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