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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Topic Activities

Extraordinary Me, Extraordinary You!

Today, we launch our new Topic, 'Extraordinary Me, Extraordinary You!'. This, as you will find out, is going to explore what makes us and others special. We will be looking at different cultures around the world and celebrating the things that make us similar and the things that make us unique! Choose one activity and work on it a little bit each day, until you've completed it. Remember you do not have to complete all of the activities. Keep checking back throughout the week as more activities will be added.

Activity 1 - Geography/PSHE - Comparing two places

For this activity, we are going to be comparing our culture to another culture.  


To start with, we need to decide which culture to explore. To do this, click on the link below to launch 'Google Earth'. On the left hand side are a number of symbols. If you click the fourth one down, it will take you to a random place, somewhere in the world. Click on that until you find somewhere that maybe you've never heard of and identify which country that place is in. 


Once you have found your place, use the work sheet below to make some comparisons between our culture and the culture of the country you've chosen. You can present your findings in any way you like. You might like to just write down what you've found into a book or you could create a poster, information leaflet or PowerPoint, it's up to you.


Activity 2 - History

Below is a PowerPoint about a famous activist and important historical figure, called Rosa Parks. She thought that everyone should be treated fairly, whatever the colour of their skin may be and she carried out a very brave act! 


Read through the PowerPoint to find out more and to discover what your task is. 

Activity 3 - Art - Creating a self portrait

What makes you unique? During this activity, think about all of the features that make you unique. Start by watching the video below and then create your own self portrait. Look at each of your features carefully, what colour is your hair? Is it wavy, straight, curly...? What colour are your eyes?


Why do you think it's a good thing that we all look different? Maybe you could then create a portrait of someone else at home. How do they look similar to you? How do they look different?

Activity 4 - RE - Hajj

Hajj is a very special pilgrimage (journey) that Muslims take, at least once in their life. They travel to the city of Mecca (which is an Islamic holy city) and they carry out different worships and actions as part of it.


Your task for this activity is to read through the PowerPoint below, thinking carefully about the key words (in bold) that you see along the way. When you've finished, have a go at the key word activity below. You will need to write what the word means next to it and then draw a picture to go with it. 

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