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Topic Activities

Welcome back to week 3 of our 'Space Travel' topic. We hope you're enjoying it and are finding out some interesting things about space and space travel. Below are the topic activities for this week. Choose an activity that you'd like to start with and work through it, a little bit each day, until you've completed it. Remember, you do not need to complete all of the activities. 


Activity 1 - Music - Listen and Appraise 

Below is the theme music for 'Star Wars' (which I know lots of you are a fan of!). Listen to it and then answer the questions about it below.

Star Wars

1. What is the tempo (speed) of this music? Is it a fast or slow piece of music? Does it always stay the same tempo?


2. What are the dynamics (volume) of this piece of music? Is it a soft, quiet piece or music? Is it loud? Does it always stay the same or does it change throughout the song?


3. What instruments can you hear being played?


4. Describe this music in 3 words. 


5. Did you like this piece of music? Why? Why not? (you cannot say 'because I like/don't like Star Wars!)


Extra challenge: Can you find out any more information about the Star Wars theme tune? For example, who was it written by? When was it composed? What is the title of the piece of music?...

Activity 2 - Science - Renewable and non-renewable energy

Imagine if all of the satellites, rovers and space shuttles ran on batteries, or had to be plugged in to a socket, they wouldn't get very far, or they'd run out of energy pretty quickly. Objects travelling into space are supplied with ways to make renewable energy, usually through the use of solar panels. Work through this BBC Bitesize activity below to find out more about renewable and non-renewable energy.

Activity 3 - Art - Van Gogh style

Vincent Van Gogh was an artist who was born in 1853. Over his lifetime he painted over 2100 pieces and many of these became very famous. Van Gogh was known for painting in an 'impressionist' style. He used short brush stroked to create swirls and waves. 


Look at these pieces below by Van Gogh. What colours does he use? What shapes does he use? What else do you notice about his paintings?

Your task is to create a space picture, in the style of Van Gogh. You could create a picture of Earth, or of another planet, a galaxy or the moon. It's totally up to you! Think carefully about which colours you'll use and the shapes you want to create.

Activity 4 - Reading skills

Below is a link to a BBC Bitesize lesson which explores inference, an important skill we practice in school. Why not brush up on your understanding of inference and have a go at this lesson.

Activity 5 - DT - Become a satellite engineer 

Find out if you have what it takes to be one of NASA's chief engineers and design a satellite (you could make your design too). Satellites are used by space agencies to find out new things. They are sent into space on a rocket where they then travel to their destination. Some satellites stay orbiting around the Earth, others travel to far reaches of the solar system (one even went to Pluto!).


Click on the link below to find out more. 

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