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Topic Activities

This week, we are going to be continuing with our 'Space Travel' topic. Below are some Topic activities. Remember to choose one and work on this, a little each day, until you have completed it. When you have finished your chosen activity, you can pick a new one, remember you do not need to complete them all.


Keep checking back for more Topic activities throughout the week!

Activity One - DT - A space dinner party

Astronauts who have travelled to space often have very different meals to what we eat on Earth. They have no ovens or microwaves to heat their food and they can't keep their food cold in a fridge. Remember, with no gravity their food tends to float around too. 


Watch the video below where a famous chef talk about creating a dinner party in Space. Your task is to create a menu for a dinner party, making sure that it is safe to be eaten in Space. 

Activity two - Geography - Tracking the ISS

Using the website below, look at the path that the International Space Station (ISS) is taking as it orbits the Earth (these are the yellow lines on the map). Your task is to discover which countries it is flying over. You can also ask yourself some questions and answer them e.g. Does it ever fly over the UK? Which continents has it flown over today? Are there any continents that it hasn't flown over?


You can also use the map below to help you.

Activity 3 - Art - Create a mission badge

For every mission astronauts take, a mission badge is created. These give pictures which link to the mission, for example if it was a mission to the moon, it might include an image of the moon. They also often have the astronauts names and the year that it happened. 


These special mission badges are then given to the astronauts going on the mission, as well as the people who helped to build the rocket and other people involved. 


For this task, I would like you to think of a mission astronauts might go on in the future and create a mission badge for it. It might be a mission badge for a trip to the moon, or a planet or maybe even further away! Remember to be creative. Below are some mission badges created by NASA.

Activity 4 - Computing/History - Tim Peake 


This is a picture of Tim Peake but who is he and why is he important? Your challenge for this activity is to find out facts about him and to think of a way to display your information. You might chose to create a PowerPoint or a poster or maybe a leaflet.
You can also take a look at last week's topic activities.
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