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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Session eleven

Today's topic task is linked to the one of the events that celebrated Captain Tom's 100th Birthday last week. 


You can rewatch the RAF flypast in honour of Captain Tom here. These types of planes, a Hurricane and Spitfire, would have worked together during the second World War. 


The Imperial War Museum have set a fun family challenge which involves putting two iconic aircrafts to the test using paper plane versions. You can download the templates below to print and there is a video which shows you how to make these planes and test them.


You could even apply your scientific knowledge from our work on Forces earlier in the year to make predictions about which model will travel the furthest/ stay in the air for longer and why. Could you make any changes to your models to improve them further? Have fun! 

Session twelve

For the next page of the time capsule project you are tasked with writing a letter to yourself. 

If you have been listening to music during the lockdown aswell as or instead of a letter, you might want to write out the lyrics of a song that has brought you comfort or sums up how you are feeling right now. Perhaps you haven't even found such a song yet but could start looking now. You could even try performing it to your family.


There is an excellent BBC daily lesson on Singing with feeling where you can explore melody and pitch, practice singing with feeling and reflect on your favourite song - just use the link below.


Have fun! 

Sessions thirteen - fifteen

The final pages of our time capsule project include an interview with your parents and space to record some final reflections. If you have been keeping a gratitude journal over the last few weeks, now is a good time to look over some of your entries to help you with your final reflections.


You could interview one of your parents/ carers about:

  • The biggest change they have seen
  • What they are most thankful for
  • Their top three moments from this experience


If you would like to think in more depth about hopes, dreams and future goals you could also interview your parent/ carer about the following:

  • What were their hopes and dreams when they were your age?
  • How did they achieve these?
  • Were there any obstacles along the way? How did they overcome these?


The final page of the capsule is for a letter from your parents.


Another final task you can do as a family is to draw a set of wings or use the template below. First discuss what everyone would like to do and achieve over the next few weeks together - remember these need to be realistic and achiveable while you are home learning - as well as your hopes and goals for the future. You can then write these on to the wings and decorate them if you like. You can then display these somewhere where you will see them everyday. 

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