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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Session 6

In this session, we are focusing on our community and ways we can feel connected with others in our local area.

As well as colouring in the picture of your home, you could also use perspective to draw your house, garden or street. We have used perspective in art before and here is a quick recap. 


There are so many marvellous, colourful and creative ways that families are choosing to thank all the key workers.

As well as putting up drawings and paintings of rainbows and thank you notes, you might also be taking part in #clapforourcarers each week


Your task today is to design a poster that explains why clapforourcarers is important. There are examples from the clapforourcarers website below that you could use as a starting point. Could you design your own logo?


There is also a word search and crossword provided as part of the family resource pack. Can you design your own for another family member to complete? You could research different key worker jobs and use these as the words to find or think of another theme.

Finally, here is a fun online drawing project which you can do on the computer where your doodles become part of a worldwide machine learning project! You can challenge yourself to draw different objects within twenty seconds but also see images that other people have drawn to get the neural network to recognise it within that time!

Session 7 

Today's page asks you to think about and record all the fantastic things you have been doing while at home.



Have you been learning a new skill or continuing a hobby, sport or playing an instrument and getting even better at it? You might have started a gratitude journal or tried a few activities from the life skills and experiences menu. Any jobs you are doing to help around the house should also be included.


Below are a few ideas of something new you could try and then add to this page:


Creating music digitally

Use songmaker to compose a piece of music digitally (using the information card below to help you get started). 


Create a dance routine 

Make up a dance routine for others in your family to follow.


Start by deciding on some dance moves to add to your dance routine. Your dance moves could be very simple (e.g. jump, spin, wave arms), or more complex (e.g. floss, dab).


Make sure that you know what each dance move is and that you have a card, picture, painting or action figure to represent that dance move. There are some cards provided below or you can make your own (these can be as simple as drawings using a stick man or using an action figure to draw from). Remember to create more than one copy of each card so that you can have repeated moves.


Choose a piece of music and now try out a routine using a 5 or 6 move cards. What happens if you then swap two of these cards around? This will change the sequence of the routine. Try out lots of different options or sequences until you have a favourite.


You can then invite other family members to have a go or share it with others using video messaging.


Challenge: The dance move cards also include some extra cards using commands  which are the same as blocks you might recognise when creating code using Scratch. Can you include these in your sequence?

Session 8

The next page in our time capsule project asks you to print the hands of everyone you are living with. If you don't have paint available, you could draw around everyone's hands using different colours if you can. 



You can also create a fingerprint portrait which shows have wonderful and unique you are. Think carefully about how you would describe yourself: include personality traits, hobbies, what is important and matters most to you. There is a template attached and some examples you can look at in the 'Art ideas' below. This also includes a few more fingerprinting art activities that you could try. Have fun and be creative!

Session 9

The theme of this session is Special Occasions. The next page in our time capsule project asks you to think about and record all the special occasions you have celebrated during lockdown

Below is a list of some religious and non religious festivals and events in April 2020, since we have been in lockdown: 


4 April – Maya Angelou’s Birthday

5 April – Palm Sunday (Easter - Christian)

8 April – Birth of the Buddha (Buddhism)

9 April – Maundy Thursday (Easter - Christian)

9 April – Passover begins (Jewish festival lasting eight days)

10 April – Good Friday (Easter - Christian)

12 April – Easter Sunday (Christian)

13 April – Vaisakhi (New Year’s Day in Punjab region of India – Hindu)

23 April – St George’s Day (Christian) and Shakespeare Day

23 April – Native American Gathering of Nations

24 April – Ramadan begins (Islam)

29 April – International Dance Day


Choose one or two events that you are most interested to find out more about or events you might have celebrated yourself such as Easter or Ramadan and create a fact file to present your research.


For example, you might want to find out who Maya Angelou was, why is she important and illustrate one of her poems. 


Don't forget to use your digital literacy skills when researching online, such as using key words to focus your search, using trusted webpages and seeing if you can find the same facts on other websites. 


Read carefully though the website below which is an example of a webpage that needs fact checking! How can you tell that this informations should not be trusted?


There is also a useful lesson on how search engines work here which is a good reminder of how to do a key word search

Session 10 - Happy Birthday Captain Tom!

The fundraising hero turned a 100 years old yesterday. You might have seen the celebrations on TV, including the impressive RAF flypast. You can catch up on all this, and even test your knowledge of everything you know about the amazing Captain Tom in this Newsround article

*Remember* If you don't have access to a printer you can collect a copy of the project from the school entrance way.*
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