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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Titch (Spring 2 2019)


This week, we have ordered and sequenced the growth of a sunflower seed, found synonyms and designed seed packets. We really enjoyed our 'Deaf Awareness Day' and learnt how to sign our name, animals, please and thank you, good morning and good night, and many many other words. We also sang and signed the Rainbow song. 


One of of our favourite parts of the week was meeting Obe, a dog who was the ears of Nichola who had come to visit us. As a working dog he was incredibly clever. He told Nichola when the washing machine had finished, when the dishwasher needed emptying or if there was someone at the door. However, he was SO excited to see our rabbits Benji and Jerry that he forgot all the tricks he was going to show us. He wanted to play with them instead!


We had a visit from Sycamore Class who came to show us the puppets they had made and went to our 3rd school disco where we danced until we were exhausted.


It is incredible to think we are already at the ends of another term and the end of another topic. We have loved this half term's Titch theme and our next one 'Castles, Dragons and Witches' will be as good!




We have enjoyed another very productive week. Our Understanding of the values of 1p 2p 5p and 10p coins is really starting to come together and we have started counting very successfully in 2s starting at 0. The children particularly enjoyed earning pennies and swapping them to collect 2p and 5p and 10p so that they could buy the parts they needed to make their sunflower. We have almost finished our Titch books and will be able to read them to you when we bring them home next week.


Everyone has made a biodegradable plant pot and has planted a sunflower. In groups we have also planted a variety of flower seeds. We are looking forward to watching them all grow!


29.3.19  This week we won the attendance cup!


Some of our activities this week have included sketching plants, reading words and writing them in the sand and ordering numbers and the letters of the alphabet. 

Christine from The Lawns came to Kempsey Primary to donate some Easter Eggs for our Easter Egg wall. She wondered if she would be able to meet some children and we were delighted when our class were chosen to spend some time with her discussing what we had been doing. The children told her all about 'Titch' and read the story to her. They also showed her how to make some pom poms as they were making some for a tree for their display. It was a new method but Christine was so proud of the pom pom she made that she wore it home. It was a lovely surprise visit enjoyed by all.
Tuesday 19th March will be the beginning of our new topic 'Titch'. Please come back to this page at the end of the week to see information and photos of what we have been doing!
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