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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

The Farm (Autumn 2)



This week we continued with our Handa’s surprise story and we looked at and sketched  some ‘unusual' fruit before tasting them. We were surprised how many of the children enjoyed the pomegranate! We also completed more simple subtraction sentences and jumped forwards and backwards on the numberline to find one more and one less. In our writing we thought about some adjectives to describe the animlas who stole the fruit in the story.



On Monday, as it was the last day of Diwali we learnt about how Hindu’s, Sikh’s and Jains celebrate. We heard the story of Rama and Sita and retold it, labelled characters from the story, looked at traditional clothes, made rangoli patterns and created diva lamps. We also tried out some Bhangra dances which we found we were very good at and made our classroom smell like a Temple. Hopefully, you have seen photos from this exciting day on Tapestry and when they are dry the children will be able to bring their diva lamps home to share with you.


This week we also travelled across to Kenya through a story called ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We discussed how some of the fruits we can buy in our country could not be grown here but could be grown in different climates. We created some fantastic addition and subtraction sentences. Next week we will continue with this book, concentrating on a geographical focus.


Today ends ‘Anti-bullying week’. Our focus has been on what we can do to be good friends with someone and how we can be kind with our words and actions towards each other.

Our focus this week has been on ‘wheat’ and we have retold the story of The Little Red Hen. We looked at how the Little Red Hen grew, cut and milled her wheat to create flour for bread and sequenced the story, retelling it in our own words. We also talked about how it is much kinder to help your friends when they need it. In maths we introduced simple subtraction by removing the grains on the wheat. Today we have made bread and compared the taste of it to the bread we usually eat. Here is a link to a song we have enjoyed this week:



This week our focus animal was sheep. We found out lots of interesting facts about them such as they have 32 teeth! 

Although we couldn’t hold our school firework display this year we had our own firework activity day where we made rockets out of a variety of shapes and named the shapes we used. We counted stars around fireworks and completed simple addition on the rockets. We still had fun and we are looking forward to spotting fireworks in the sky over the weekend!



This week our theme within our farm topic has been ‘goats’. We have ordered numbers on goats and created simple number sentences where we fed the goats a certain amount of apples and carrots. We completed goat dot to dots and created playdough creatures for the farm. We tried really hard to write simple CVC words and apply our phonemes in our writing.

We joined in with a live stream of Mr Dalton leading an active 10. This was fun because we don’t usually get to see the other bubbles of children and teachers in school. We also watched the live stream of our celebration assembly on Facebook. It made us feel part of the whole school community. Finally, this afternoon, we decorated an ‘autumn pumpkin football’ and then went on a pumpkin spotting walk to see the pumpkins the other classes had decorated.


We have enjoyed working together this half term but we are all tired and ready for a week off  now. Happy half term everyone!



Here is a sample of some of the learning we have been doing In our topic this week. We have ordered numbers on cows up to 50; counted the correct amount of beads to match the number on the cow; created cow sheds, cow enclosures and cow prints; written rhyming strings to go with the farm ‘cat’; and discussed which products are from which animals. 


We have been really enjoying our new farm topic. Last week we looked at pigs and this week hens. We have been finding out some interesting facts about these animals and creating rhyming strings from ‘pig’ and ‘hen’. We have also been collaging hens and pigs for our displays. 

Next week we will be finding out all about cows and the journey of milk from the field to our table.

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