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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

The Curriculum Autumn Term

Our class topics are at the centre of all that we do. Whether it is reading and writing or art and music; we will always make sure that it links back to our topic.  

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We began the year with a whole school topic looking at the rights of the child. We used 2 books as a stimulus for discussion. We designed our own class charters as well as looking at friendship and what makes a good friend.

Image result for we are all born free


We then explored some of the pages within the book, We Are All Born Free. We looked at why people have to leave their home and go and live in other countries.  


We looked at the pages about work, education and relaxation, and showed the children images of children working in Victorian Britain. They were amazed at the jobs they did and how little money they earned.

Image result for victorian children working

The children read about the character Mr Friendly in Carly's story. This gave us the idea to create our own Mr Men stories.

Mr Friendly

Our new topic is called Detectives. This began with a variety of nature detective activities.

Nature Detectives

Detective Dog

We have read the story of Detective Dog and written letters asking for our books back. 
In maths we used a variety of resources to represent two digit numbers. Here are some of the children in action. 
Our science topic this term (autumn) is materials. Here are some pictures of the children's work so far. 
Having been nature detectives, we thought we would look at the artist Andy Goldsworthy, and challenge the children to use natural materials to create some pieces of art. We looked at some examples and noticed his use of circles/curves, and his use of colours, including tints and shades. We challenged the children to go outside; choose a material and create their own art. 
The children had the opportunity to attend the University of Worcesters storytelling festival. They had a look round the old infirmary hearing some old medical stories. They were then entertained by a storyteller retelling the tale, The Old Pedlar of Swaffham .  After lunch they watched a performance of the Billy Goats Gruff performed by the Garlic Theatre Company.  It was a great day and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. 
As part of our science topic about materials, we investigated which material would best protect the egg. This came about when we looked at a cycle helmet and wondered how they might test the strength of different materials. 

After half term we spent a week looking at the 100 year celebrations to mark the end of the Great War (First World War). We researched some information; compared the past to the present by looking at some photos; we looked at some World War 1 medals to see what they could tell us about the conflict and explored the role of animals during the war. 


Image result for cbbc animation poppies

For English that week we watched the Poppies animation from CBBC and read the story, Where the Poppies Now Grow. Click on the links below to see these.

We have returned to our Detective's Topic with a slightly new focus. We will be exploring our local area and special buildings (places of worship).  To begin with, we went out into Kempsey to complete a few different tasks. The children had to:

  • identify the human and physical features (natural and man made)
  • sketch the church
  • map the church and the surrounding area

Out and About Exploring the Local Area

The year two children took part in a gym festival which was held at Hanley Castle High School. There were a variety of activities which the children took part in. These ranged from balancing to moving. Have a look at the children in action.
The children visited St Mary's Church in Kempsey. This was part of our RE where we have been looking at special places. Mark Badger spoke to the children about what the church does in the community and why it is so special. The children then went on a hunt around the church looking for the special things you can find inside a place of worship. 
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