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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Sycamore!


A very warm welcome to Sycamore Class! Please check this page regularly to see photos and examples of some of the fantastic work and activities pupils have completed in class.

Active 10, 5th July 2019 - challenging ourselves and being creative with this week's equipment!

Y6 STAR (Stop, Think, Act. Reflect) week - discussing the effects of alcohol and drugs and making postive choices

Sorting crimes into carroll diagrams- Justifying and deep thinking!


We have used this poem by Billy Collins as a stimulus for our own poems

Children's work based on the poems- very careful choice of language

Year 6 athletics

Year 5- can you draw a plan of the classroom using estimates only

Police visit for year 5s- modern day crime and punishment

Year 5 whole-school finger print investigation

Rehearsing for the Y6 production, 10th June

Science - investigating how sound travels, Friday 7th June

Using algebra to problem solve, Thursday 6th June

Recapping on Homophones to apply in our written work this week, 22nd May

Developing our fielding skills in PE, 21st May

Sharing stories with our book buddies, 20th May

Exploring ratio in Maths, 20th May

Whodunnit chromotography investigation in Science, 17th May

Congratulations Y6! What a great mindset you have shown this week :)

Self portraits in style of Pop Art, 15th May

Crime and Punishment topic launch, 13th May


Our topic launch started with Mr. Willetts being arrested by PC Kettle for matching a description of an eyewitness statement for stealing a pack of biscuits from MacColls. Mr. Willetts was quickly dearrested but we used it as an opportunity to explore how he could have been proven guilty or innocent of a crime and the methods the police use in investigating crime. 


PC Kettle then talked to Sycamore about her career as a plain clothes officer, her kit and the children had an opportunity to ask questions.

We even learnt that her identity badge has braille on it as well!


We then looked at a range of punishments across the ages and sorted them into chronological order and their severity - justifying our opinions. Later in the week, we will be considering why we have punishment, what causes and deters crime, exploring the reliability of eyewitness testimony as well as the importance of seeing the bigger picture.



Y6 Maths revision (winding down after SPAG and Spelling SATS!)

Y5 Design a theme park project, 13th May

Computing, 9th May 2019

Observational drawing inspired by Pop Artists, 8th May 2019

Exploring electrical circuits, 3rd May

Deaf awareness day, 11th April 2019

Potting our herbs, 10th April 2019

Year 6 transition session

Joyeux Paques! 

This week year five have been learning about Easter traditions in France. They started off with a hunt around the classroom for common Easter items (in the style of the chasse aux oeufs - easter egg hunt) and then used their dictionary skills to find out how to say these in French



Y5 Design and Technology Puppets project

Digital leaders helping in KS1

Exploring volume in Maths today, 26th March

Earth and Space

In Science this week we have been investigating the relative sizes of the planets and paced out in the playground the distance from Mercury to Pluto. On this scale, the nearest star would be in Glasgow!

Writing about strange 'lost' items from Transport for London's lost property office...

Trip to Mosque and Gloucester cathedral, 18th March 2019

Science week, sneeze experiment! 15th March 2019

Happy World Book Day from Sycamore

The Highway man (original with poem)

A classic narrative poem that we are studying in year 5/6 this week

Celebrating our Titanic topic homework, 15th February 2019

Sycamore snapshot #6

Today pupils celebrated 'La Chandeleur' (the French version of Pancake day) finding out about the traditions which includes successfully flipping a pancake with a euro in the other hand to bring good fortune for the coming year

11th February 2019


Sycamore Snapshot #5

Our herbs are doing well and will need to be potted soon!

8th February 2019

Sycamore snapshot #4

Matching equivalent fractions and decimals

1st February 2019

Composition through coding, 30th January 2019

Sycamore Snapshot #3

Meeting Nibbles, Redwood's class pet


A note from Mrs Phillips, our class governor

Titanic Class Assembly 25th Jan

Titanic Art

Sycamore snapshot # 2 

Today Y6 received our letters from our French penpals. We will be writing back to them over the next few weeks....

14th January 2019

Sycamore snapshot # 1

Today our plant monitor has started off a range of different herbs in our new indoor grow kit. We are looking forward to seeing them start to flourish so we can replant them in the school grounds later this Spring.11th Jan 2019

Celebrating our WW2 topic homework, December 2018

Investigating air resistance with different sized parachutes, 3rd December 2018


Monday 5th November 2018


Today, Scyamore started finding out about life during WW1 and why 2018 is such an important year for remembering, being the centenary of the Armistice in 1918. All three year 5 and 6 classes were visited by Corporal Head (a current serving member of the military) who spoke to them about the reality of life in the trenches, the bravery of young soldiers and the role of women and animals in the war. We will continue our focus on the 'Great War' for the rest of this week.

Book Buddies during reading week, 18th October

Galapagos tortoises in the style of Andy Warhol

Rhythm and Coding 10th Oct 2018

Active 10!

Still image for this video
Pupils have started mastering swingball this week!

Fractions museum! 8th October 2018

Poetry by heart, Thursday 6th September 

We challenged ourselves to try and learn this poem in our first poetry assembly with Redwood and Willow today!


On the Ning Nang Nong 
Where the Cows go Bong! 
and the monkeys all say BOO! 
There's a Nong Nang Ning 
Where the trees go Ping! 
And the tea pots jibber jabber joo. 
On the Nong Ning Nang 
All the mice go Clang 
And you just can't catch 'em when they do! 
So its Ning Nang Nong 
Cows go Bong! 
Nong Nang Ning 
Trees go ping 
Nong Ning Nang 
The mice go Clang 
What a noisy place to belong 
is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!! 

Spike Milligan



The sycamore tree has appeared in both religious texts and other forms of literature. Since ancient history, there have been images of the sycamore depicted in many forms. No matter what your beliefs stem from, it's clear that the existence of a sycamore tree in a text can mean a number of different things, but ultimately, it's a symbol of strength, protection, reliability and clarity. Sycamore Class is a Year 5/6 class and is taught by Miss Stone and Mrs Phillips.


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