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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Sycamore!

A very warm welcome to Sycamore Class from Miss Stone and Mrs Steele

Sycamore is a mixed year 5 and 6 class.

Please check this page regularly to see photos and examples of some of the fantastic work and activities pupils have completed in class.

Science - investigating the effect of upthrust in water, 21.10.19

Researching and summarising key facts, October 2019

Following our research into the timeline of events during the eruption of Mount Vesuivus that devestated Pompeii in 79AD and our exploration of the location of volcanoes and earthquakes found in the 'Ring of Fire' in physical geography, we have created fact files about other famous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. During our research using iPads, we also discussed effective web searching using key words and and using Boolean operators to widen and narrow our searches. Below are two examples of fact files about the eruption of Mount St Helens in 1980. 



Science - how do we measure gravity? 11.10.19

Examples of narrative recounts - writing cohesively in the style of a survivor of Pompeii, September 2019

Activating prior knowledge of forces, Science 27.9.19

Real PE (Social & Multi-skills) 26.9.19

Up, Down, Flying Around!

This week in Maths fluency, we have been practising adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. See the game in action here!



Lowry inspired portraits 11.9.19

Exploring the relationship between colour and mood in painting 

Today we studied LS Lowry. We discussed what he was like as an artist;  how he uses line and colour and described a selection of his artwork. Following a relay observation exercise, we then focused on one of his portraits, thinking carefully about how he shows emotion through his work in order to replicate his style ourselves. 

Geography - researching the reasons for similarities and differences of playgrounds around the world 10.9.19

Playgrounds - grouping, sorting, ordering and justifying 9.9.19

Playgrounds around the World - topic launch

This term we are taking part in a whole-school topic, 'Playground', based on the book by James Mollison. The book contains a collection of photographs of different playgrounds from around the world. 


For our topic launch, we posed the questions:


Why does every school seem to have a playground? What is the purpose?

What is essential for a playground?


Following discussions about answers to the above questions and rating items as most to least essential, we looked at a selection of photographs from the book. Using the photographs, we sorted the playgrounds into different groupings and ordered them by specific criteria.


As the topic progresses, we will investigate the reasons for geographical similarities and differences, as well as linking our work across subjects (such as to Art and English).

Playing Totality 

We have also started the year with a focus on improving our Maths fluency (mental arithmetic skills and rapid recall of key known facts such as number bonds and our times tables). This week we learnt how to play the game Totality. We will be practising our Maths fluency each day for 10 minutes after Active 10


Making careful observations - Art and Design

Inspired by the animation 'The Girl and the Fox' we watched and discussed during our English lesson, pupils in Sycamore thought carefully about what makes a good drawing of an eye and practised their observational and shading skills in their sketch books as well as giving each other focused and meaningful feedback after watching 'Austin's Butterfly'. 


Sycamore from Miss Stone and Mrs Steele

4th September 2019


Today we settled back into our school routines and set resolutions for the new academic year ahead, as well as thinking about what we were proud of having accomplished or had got better at during the summer holidays


Respect - our agreed class value - will be key to everything we do as part of our school life 

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