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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Spring March-April 2021

20th March 2021


Another busy week has been completed! We have used the book ‘Tadpole’s Promise’ to think about the life cycle of a frog and played a number game where we had to turn our frogspawn into tadpoles, froglets and frogs. We have also explored measuring in a variety of ways using non standard measurements and compared capacity, weight and surface area. 
We retold the story in our writing.


An exciting moment at the end of the week was looking at our newly hatched tadpoles in the pond!

Friday 12th March

It has been fantastic to have everyone back together in the class again this week. We started with the Christmas/ New Year party we were never able to have and held it as a welcome back to school party instead with party hats, dancing and snacks!


Our focus book for our 'Spring' topic this week has been 'Titch'. We have looked broad beans and compared them to sunflower seeds, compared sizes of each other and items from the story, measured using non-standard measurements (some of us also had a go at using a ruler), and counted beans and matched them to the correct number. We also ordered numbers on Titch and made words using phonemes on Titch after placing them in alphabetical order. We sequenced and wrote the Titch story in our own words.


Final we made some special cards for Mothering Sunday.


It has been a very busy week and although everyone has had fun we are in need of a restful weekend!

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