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Rainforests (Spring 2 2020)



How exciting! The explorer dome came to visit and we were the first class inside. We had to take our shoes off and then crawl through the tunnel into the dark dome. Inside we talked about the different forms of life there are in different habitats around our beautiful planet. We also looked at some of the animals who camouflage themselves and discussed how specific climates are better for survival for some species. We need to be responsible for looking after our planet.


Our classroom is looking beautiful because we have put our amazing art work up. We loved the vibrant colours the oil pastels made.


This week we started our new topic 'Rainforests' which has tied in very well with the theme of our science week 'Our Diverse World'. We travelled by plane back to Brazil where we then started our adventure to visit the Amazon Rainforest. We read 'The Great Kapok Tree' and ordered Kapok trees according to size and measured their height in cms. We learned that trees are crucial for the survival of humans and animals providing oxygen homes for creatures and animals. We also looked carefully at some of the flowers and butterflies we would be able to find in the Amazon Rainforest and used oil pastels to create them. We labelled the parts  of a flower alongside this. We started to plant our own trees and flowers from conkers and sunflower seeds.

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