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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Project two - Tuesday

Learn how to use sequencing to navigate a bug around a maze

Still image for this video
This video shows the steps needed to get the bug to the orange. In the challenge that follows, you’ll use what you’ve learnt to get the bug to the other food items in the maze.

Can you create code to get the bug to the other objects in the maze, as shown below? For each one, see if you can write a piece of code to get the bug there from the start of the maze.

The Scratch project you’ll need can be found here

Check your work

Still image for this video
Use this video to check if you have successfully coded the bug to get to the other food items in the maze. It will also show you have to duplicate bits of code to reuse them.

Challenge: Can you create your own maze for others to complete? To do this, click on the stage’s second backdrop and use the ‘Fill with colour’ tool to create a custom maze. You can also drag the objects to different positions in the maze.

Remember if you create a scratch account or login with your own existing scratch account, you can 'remix' the projects you have used today and share them publicly for your classmates to see or 'share' any new projects you start. You can also comment on each other's projects to give each feedback

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