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To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Project seven

Demo of Animal Classification Quiz

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The video below shows how you can use selection to make a program that classifies animals, as you’ve just seen in the demo.


You’ll see how to make the program identify three animals (you will add a fourth as your challenge later). It will also show some ideas for checking your program understands the answers it’s given.


Can you add a frog to your animal classification program? The frog is not warm blooded, but can be distinguished from the snake by the fact that it has webbed feet. Here’s a flowchart that includes the frog:

You can use the Animal Classification Scratch project to help you.


You can check your project against the solution here


Further challenge: Can you validate the user’s input, so that your program still does something sensible when the user enters something unexpected?


One example of unexpected input is if the user enters something like “Yep!!1” instead of just “yes” or “no”.


If you are struggling and want to look at how Miss Stone programmed the project so it will only accept ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the user, check here

Creating your animal classification quiz

Still image for this video
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