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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Project one - Monday

Your challenge

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First watch the video of the Knock Knock Joke demo

Can you rearrange the code blocks for both the ‘Avery’ and ‘Dee’ sprites to tell a ‘Knock Knock’ joke?


Here’s how the joke goes:

  • Avery: Knock Knock.
  • Dee: Who’s there?
  • Avery: Atch.
  • Dee: Atch who?
  • Avery: Bless you!


The Scratch project you’ll need can be found on the Scratch website here


Your code should run when the green flag is clicked. The green flag can be found to the top-right of the stage 

Check your work

Still image for this video
This video demonstrates the answer to the challenge, by putting together the instructions to tell the Knock Knock joke. In the process, a mistake (bug) is fixed. Did you spot it or fix it when trying to create the code?

The completed ‘Knock Knock’ Scratch project can be found here


Challenge: Can you change the code to tell your own joke?


Remember if you create a scratch account or login with your own existing scratch account, you can 'remix' the projects you have used today and share them publicly for your classmates to see or 'share' any new projects you start. You can comment on each other's projects to give each feedback.

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