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Project four - Thursday

Learn how to use repetition when drawing shapes

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This video shows you a few examples and encourages you to tinker with the code to explore different effects when drawing shapes

Can you use repetition to create your own interesting shapes or patterns? You can use any blocks from the ‘Pen’ code section!

Don’t forget you can build on the shapes you drew in project three.


You can use the following examples if you like but make sure you experiment or tinker with the code yourself first.

Examples of repeating code to create shapes

There’s also a Shape Examples’ Scratch project containing the same examples.


When drawing a polygon, how many degrees should you turn at each step? You can get this right if you remember that your sprite will have to turn 360 degrees in total. For example, a triangle has 3 sides, so the sprite will have to turn 120 degrees each time (360 divided by 3).


Remember that you can always add code to reset your pen position and clear the stage when a key is pressed:

Challenge: Can you draw a circle?

If you are struggling with this, look at Miss Stone’s animation here


How would you make the circle smaller or bigger? What coding block will you need to change?

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