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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Playground (Aut 2019)



This week a tennis coach called James came to visit us. He showed us how to stop the ball, roll the ball and hit the ball to each other. We listened very carefully and tried our hardest to control where the ball went.


We also spent time counting lots of different things this week as well as play games with the phonemes we have been learning so far. We are already starting to be able to blend the phonemes together to read some simple words.


Our photo was taken for the Worcester News on Wednesday so look out for us in the local newpaper soon!



Our new IPad arrived so we can start taking some pictures again!

The weather in forest school was beautiful this week and we pretended we were fishing. The mud slide was more of a dust slide though because we haven't had much rain. We found lots of different insects and creatures some of which we found in the playground also. Miss Underwood shared some  very special creatures with us... a praying mantis, a camel spider and a scorpion. They were 59 years old and belonged to her grandfather. After discussing how different they are from the bugs we have in our playground we looked at them through magnifying glasses and sketched them.

We have also been singing about tricky words... click on this link to practise them at home:



We had our first forest school experience this week and our first PE lesson. It took us quite a long time to get dressed and some of our clothes were inside out and back to front but we are working hard on being able to do this independently. We really enjoyed both sessions.


We have also been comparing our playground with playgrounds from around the world and spotting similarities and differences. It made us really appreciate the lovely environment we have here.


(Sorry for the lack of photos this week. Unfortunately the IPad took a tumble at the beginning of the week and we have been waiting for a replacement. Hopefully we will be back up and running next week.)


We have had a really good start to school life! This week we have spent a lot of time making new friends and getting to know our classroom. We are already beginning to find our way around school without getting lost and have enjoyed whole school assemblies. We are looking forward to all the things we are going to learn over the year.

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