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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Personal Best - Mountain Climbers

Try these mountain climbers out! You can practice them daily to try and get your personal best! Keep active KPS!

Active 10 - using cones to keep active

Try these exercises if you have a spare 10 minutes. They are great for raising the heart rate, getting children focussed and also for having a bit of friendly competition within the family. Parents, feel free to give it a go too! Keep up the good work everyone!

Tennis - week 1

Here is a tennis lesson that you can have a go at. Please be careful with how much space you need. You will need a small ball to complete this lesson. I have shown how you can do parts of the lesson with and without a tennis racket to give everyone the opportunity to give it a go. Hopefully these sessions are helpful as they are as close to what we do in school as possible whilst not having access to the school equipment.

Gymnastics - week 1

Here is the first of what will be a sequence of 4 gymnastics lessons. Get practicing the individual moves to make sure you can perform them to the best of your ability (I will be practicing too). We will post another one next week with some new jumps, balances and rolls.

Active 10 - HIIT

Here's another Active 10. Give it a go if you have a spare 10 minutes on your hands. I hope these are going well guys! Keep active!

Dance Around the World - African dance

Here's a dance session based on the topic 'Dance Around the World'. I will post a weekly session focussing on a different dance from around the world. This week's session focusses on African dancing. Get those dancing shoes on and imagine a clock around you to help you with the steps in this style of dance. Try and make your own African dance sequence too!

Hockey - week 1

Here's a nice simple hockey lesson for you guys to do at home. You can use any stick-like object instead of a hockey stick and a ball of any kind. Make sure you have lots of space to move around as the main focus for this lesson is dribbling.

Striking and Fielding lesson

This striking and fielding lesson can be used to practice our skills within golf, cricket, rounders etc. Feel free to give it a go to have some fun in the garden!


If things are getting a bit stressful and worrying. This simple yoga session will help you to relax and get back to a positive frame of mind. I hope you are all well and staying safe. We look forward to having you back at Kempsey!

Gymnastics - week 2

This is the second part of the gymnastics program. This will introduce you two 2 new jumps, 2 new balances and 2 new rolls. Keep practicing these throughout the week and then we can look at how to put them all together in a sequence next week!

Active 10 - chair

Here's another Active 10, and all you need for this is a chair! Don't worry if you can't get your hands on one though, just use your imagination as all of these exercises can be done with or without one. Keep up the good work everyone!

Dance Around the World - Salsa

This is the second part of the dance program. Previously we looked at African dancing and now we have jumped on our plane and flown to Spain to explore some Salsa dancing! Practice these moves and try and make your own routine. If you want an extra challenge, try and make a routine using a mixture of African and Salsa moves! Feel free to send your videos in!

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