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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Our Year 3/4 Scrapbook!

Welcome to our scrapbook!

Keep checking back to see what everyone is getting up to.



Meet Cookie, Elliot's new puppy!

3...2...1... BLAST OFF!

A child from Maple Class has been busy creating his very own rocket launch. He has also tested his DT skills by making a fantastic rocket and Lunar Rover. Well done!

Homemade T-Shirts!

One of our Oak class children and his little brother have made their own t-shirts to say thank you to our wonderful key workers to wear whilst they clapped for the NHS! Well done - they are very creative!

Time to write a biography!

One of the children in Oak class has been busy writing her biography. Year 3/4 were all asked to interview a family member which would then enable them to write a biography on that person! Well done for all you hard work!

Rainbow Rain

One of the children in Oak class has made 'Rainbow Rain' with his brother! They have used shaving foam and food colouring - the foam acts as a cloud and the water then becomes rainbow rain! How exciting - well done :) I think this is one we'll have to try in school!

Lots of Wonderful Activities

One of our children from Oak class has been very busy with her home schooling plus has been getting creative with Art and has been busy planting! Well done :)

Jack took part in a TeenTech competition with great results!

More Poems from Maple Class

A member of Maple Class has been busy with his poems that we have been learning about. I am certainly not surprised that football made an appearance in these poems! Well done :)

A Variety of Poems

One of our Oak Class children has been very creating her own poetry using all of the poems we looked at last week during our English lessons. It is really lovely to read some with a Spring theme - well done!

A Lovely Little Poem

The children in Year 3/4 were asked to write a poem - one of our Oak Class children has written a lovely short poem on bees! I know that Miss Beswick will definitely approve of our lovely bee theme!

Year 3/4 English - Parent Interview

All of Year 3/4 were given the English task of interviewing their parents about lockdown and what they are looking forward to. Here is an interview conucted by a member of Oak Class.

Let's Play Some Badminton!

One of our children in Oak Class has been making the most of the sunny weather and has been playing badminton in the garden - what a fantastic way to help keep active during lockdown! Well done!

One Busy Bee

One of our Oak class children has been a busy bee with her English work! Her kitchen has now become her work space - well done on your fantastic English work!

A New Game!

Zac has created a game which is similar to the 'fold a person down' game. He has thought about how you can change this - he has said that you could draw items that remind you of lockdown. Very clever, Zac - well done!

Megan's Scrapbook Entry!

Megan has been busy at home completing her home learning, making masks and beautiful rainbows plus has gone on some long bike rides, country walks and running! Well done Megan!

Excellent pebble art from Holly!

Isabelle cycled 16km as part of her daily exercise and on the main road for the first time.

A brilliant Ramadan paper chain!

Here's a fantastic 'interview with my parents' from a child in Laurel Class

Lots of Home Learning!

One of our Laurel Class Children has been very busy at home doing lots of home learning, colouring and even some baking! Well done and I can't wait to read your letter :)



Baking and Boat Building

One of our Oak Class children has been busy at home creating lots of delicious cakes and cookies! He has also made his own boat out of a cardboard box and has written a lovely note to the nursing home along with a beautiful, bright rainbow!


Hoping you'll make one of those scrumptious cakes for us when we are back at school!


Well done - it's been lovely to see what you have been getting up to at home!

Ollie's Letter

Ollie has completed his letter! He has written his letter to Triple H and has used some great spelling and grammar techniques within his writing.


Well done Ollie! It's been nice to see what you have been completing at home!

Oscar's Home Learning

Oscar has been working hard at home as well as researching all about Switzerland AND creating his own newspaper! Well done Oscar!

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