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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Oak class!


The mighty Oak tree is a symbol of courage, strength of character and power. It stands strong through all things. Legend has it that the Oak tree is the most powerful of all trees. It is a strong and wise tree.


Like the tree, we hope the children in Oak class are strong and courageous in their learning this year and that they, too, are a powerful force in our school. So far, our class of year 3 and 4 children have shown to be enthusiastic, resilient and determined learners as well as thoughtful, kind young people!


Miss Graham and Mrs Curtis

It's officially the end of the year!

We would like to wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer break! Well done to all the children in Oak class for a fantastic year - you deserve the rest!

Our Year 3/4 Graduation

18th July 2019

Today Oak, Laurel and Maple graduated from year 3/4! We hosted a graduation ceremony (after they had made their mortar boards) and celebrated everyone's unique talents and characteristics. We all had a wonderful afternoon and are so proud of the children. Ellie, the class bear, even had her own mortar board and graduated alongside Oak!

School Disco Reminder

Please can all children in KS2 (apart from Y6) please bring in their £1.50 disco entrance money to school in the morning on Thursday 18th July.


Thank you.

Topic Homework Celebration - to present our work

16th July 2019

Oak, Maple and Laurel classes got together for the final time this year to celebrate our topic homework that we have focussed on over the past few weeks. The latest topic was 'Fashion' and the children researched the life of Audrey Hepburn, explored fashions from around the world, designed their own Kempsey Primary School PE kit and presented why fur should not be used in the fashion industry. We had some informative pieces as well as creative designs. The children should be exceedingly proud of what they have accomplished this topic.

Our Topic Tees - to design and create a t-shirt

15th July 2019

Today, we celebrated the children's t-shirt designs, all of which are based on one of our previous topics. The children had the opportunity to choose from Scavengers and Settlers, Earth and Place: Time and Space, Interventions that Changed the World and Chocolate! We had some wonderful designs and the children have worked so hard on their designs.

Kempsey Fest Ready!

11th-12th July 2019

Kempsey Fest...we are ready for you!


Keep an eye on the page to see updates of what's going on!

Collection from Sports Day and Church

16th July and 19th July 2019

Children can be collected early from Sports Day on 16th July 2019 and Church on 19th July. Please can you let Miss Graham, Mrs Curtis or the Office know as soon as possible if you plan on collecting your child/ren early from these events.


Thank you. 

Wow - proud is an understatement!

Polishing and presenting an original piece of work.

8th July 2019

In our penultimate week we have asked the children to look at the very first piece of work that they wrote in Oak class, all the way back from September! We looked at their handwriting, presentation and the types of grammar they used. They then started to re-write that piece of work and up-level it. We were blown away by the quality and quantity of work the children are producing, and the presentation of books and their handwriting made me burst with pride.


The children have all worked so hard this year and they should all be very proud of the achievements they have made. Well done Oak class! 

Partly Cloudy Stimulus

This is the video stimulus we used back in September to start the children's writing journey off in Oak class. We watched it again today - we can't believe it's been 10 months since we first watched it!

Fractions in Maths - to explore equivalent fractions

3rd July 2019

In Maths today, the children have been exploring equivalent fractions by folding up a piece of A4 paper into 16th's. They then had to make the equivalent fractions with their friends to show the fraction they had made. For example:


8/16 = 4/8 = 1/2

12/16 = 6/8 = 3/4


Can you find the equivalent fraction for 10/16?

Drafting a Playscript

3rd July 2019

Over the past week in English, we have been writing character descriptions and narratives based on a pair of shoes. We encouraged the children to think about the type of person that would wear a particular type of shoe. The shoes included were high heels, flip flops, trainers and pointe shoes. Today, the children recreated their narrative in playscript form with the intention to develop their oracy skills.

Exploring African Patterns and Colour

26th June 2019

The children have been on exploring African patterns and colour this afternoon have started to think of what they would like their clothing to look like. They started off by looking at patterns on the whiteboard and discussing what they could see. They then drew outlines in their sketchbooks and used oil pastels to give their drawings a bold, strong collection of colour and design. The finished results were beautiful!

Creating Music for a Trainer Advert

A Nike advert promoting a pair of their trainers. The pair are compared to two pairs of old, worn trainers which are not appealable for the target audience.

25th June 2019

The children started to put their own music to this advert for Nike trainers. We cut the sound that was already on the advert and left it as a blank canvas for the children to work with. We asked the children to think about the two pairs of shoes that were well worn and didn't match the criteria Nike were setting and what type of music should accompany this part.


How might the tempo change?


What instruments might they use?


Will the pitch change?

Good Luck at the Year 4 Festival of Languages Day

at Hanley Castle High School

25th June 2019

Madame Lilly and Mrs Curtis have taken some of our Year 4 children from Oak, Maple and Laurel classes to Hanley Castle High School to take part in a languages festival. They will be singing 'Un elephant qui se balancait' which they all know very well!

Finding fractions of a quantity

24th June 2019

We started to explore fractions of quantities today in Maths and to start with, the children were given a selection of counters to find 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1/3 and 2/3. After that, we had a question on the whiteboard asking them how many marshmallows and chocolate swirls one cake would need. We reminded the children that you divide by the denominator and multiply by the numerator. The children worked through a series of challenges to test their knowledge.

Rounders Tournament with Laurel and Maple

21st June 2019

It was sunny and warm today so we decided it would be a fantastic opportunity to use some of the skills we have taught during PE lessons in a Year 3/4 rounders match! We all got a chance to bat and field and the children showed great communication skills. Myself, Miss Beswick and Mr Dalton also got chance to have a had been a while so  we weren't quite as good as the children!

A passion for fashion!

20th June 2019

We had our final topic launch of the year today and are excited to announce that Fashion is our focus for the next 4 weeks. The children started off the day by thinking about their favourite t-shirt and why they like it so much. They were then allocated  a previous topic that we have covered this year to use as inspiration for the design.


The children were given a template, one between two, and we asked to design their own t-shirt. We had designs from Stone Age animals to spacemen to chocolate bars! Once the templates were complete, the children then started to draw their design onto their own tee. The final results will be on display tomorrow so watch this space...

Creating a character description

17th June 2019

We started off looking at our new topic today by exploring shoes and thinking about the people who might wear them. This is in order for the children to create a character description with the inspiration of our new!

Pointillism in Art

14th June 2019

We explored pointillism today in Art by looking at what style pointillism is and using it in our paintings of the Earth and space. The children created some innovative and creative pieces - there was an abundance of colour!

Un éléphant qui se balançait

A fun song counting elephants!

As a class we have been learning 'Un elephant qui se balancais'! It is a song about a group of elephants who, one by one, keep trying to sit on a giant spider's web.


Try singing the song at home to see how the song ends!

Time for a little more time

Jump, jump, jump!

Still image for this video

Keep jumping!

Still image for this video

13th June 2019

During our Maths lesson today we have started to explore time in seconds, focussing on how we would write down the time in digital format. To start with, the children were put into pairs and asked to record how many seconds it took them to jump 20 times, then they switched over. We explored how we could write this in minutes and seconds, just like a stopwatch would. The children then worked through 6 fluency questions then attempted a twist it and deepen it challenge. 

A little Maths puzzle...

13th June 2019

Miss Ford came back in to Oak class this morning to give the children a little Maths puzzle...she found a chest with a number padlock that needed unlocking with a specific combination. The children had to place 4 numbers in a grid and make up the numbers to reach exactly 100. The questions is, who will unlock the padlock to reveal the contents of the chest...

Our trip to the ThinkTank, Birmingham

We couldn't resist a selfie after our exploration into our solar system...the travellers have returned!

Tipping Point!

Still image for this video

10th June 2019

We had a fantastic day at the ThinkTank in Birmingham today where we got to explore all about the human digestive system, developments in technology, a variety of animals and took an adventure into our incredible solar system in the planetarium. The children behaved well and showed wonderful manners to the staff and visitors. The children (and teachers) were in awe by what they saw and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves...definitely a place to go back to!

Trip to the ThinkTank, Birmingham

Monday 10th June 2019


A quick reminder that we have our trip to the ThinkTank, Birmingham on Monday. The children will need their packed lunch, a water bottle and a maximum of £5 spends money to take in to the gift shop.

Earth and Place: Time and Space - Topic Homework Celebration

7th June 2019

Today we celebrated the children's topic homework by having a presentation of their hard work. We had many models, information packs and diagrams of the solar system. Oak, Laurel and Maple classes came together to show what they had learned as well as discuss their work. We are so proud of the level of commitment shown to this topic - well done!

Rounders in PE

Throwing and Catching

Still image for this video

Throwing and Catching

Still image for this video

Throwing and Catching

Still image for this video

5th June 2019

In PE today we started to learn how to play the good old summer game of rounders. We started off by reinforcing the importance of hand to eye coordination by throwing and catching a tennis ball. The children had to do this in larger groups around a circle then in pairs. We encouraged the children, that when catching, they should pull the ball towards them. I can't wait for us to be playing games of rounders this summer!

Researching Rockets in English

3rd June 2019

We hit the ground running this morning in English where we started to research all about rockets. The children worked in pairs and had three subheadings to research: flying a rocket, building a rocket and famous rockets. They then used the iPads to research all about rockets, what they use in order to propel them into space and the compartments they had, amongst many other facts.

Welcome back to Summer Term 2!

We hope you all had a restful half term. We have got some interesting activities lined up for the children for the last few weeks of this academic year and I am very excited about our final topic...all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks!

Happy Half Term

We hope you all have a restful bank holiday and half term break.

We look forward to starting Summer Term 2 on Monday 3rd June 2019!

'How much does a ladybird weigh?'

24th May 2019

The whole school had a day of Maths today and in year 3/4 we had a round robin day of activities in Maple, Laurel and Oak.


In Oak class, we read the book 'How much does a ladybird weigh?' by Alison Limentani and asked the children what the book was about and what it shows. We then set them off on an activity to weigh a variety of different items including toy bears, a toy mouse, books and a toy bear and work out how many of each item matched the weight of Zippy, or visa versa. The children worked well in their groups and some fantastic maths took place!

A bubbly experiment!

Dancing Raisins Experiment

Carbon dioxide gas dissolved in soda gives them their fizz. You can use the carbon dioxide fizz from a soda to make raisins dance. Soda has something in it that almost no other liquid has - lots of carbon dioxide. Try the Dancing Raisins Science Experiment to see the effect that soda can have on raisins.

22nd May 2019

We conducted an experiment today - to make raisins dance! Impossible we hear you say? Not for the budding young scientists in Oak class! We placed a raisin in a cup of tonic water and watched the raisins dance.


The main question that needed answering does this happen? The answer...gas! Little bubbles of carbon dioxide attach to the wrinkles in the dried piece of fruit which makes the fruit lighter, it then rises to the surface where the bubbles of gas burst making the fruit heavier again therefore it sinks back to the bottom.


Maybe you could try this experiment at home and compare what happens to a raisin with a grape. What is the main difference?

Christian Aid Party Clothes day!

21st May 2019

The children arrived in their best party clothes today to raise money for Christian Aid - a charity which pledges to help relieve communities of poverty. We had a fantastic assembly hosted by Owen, a retired vicar, and a lovely lady called Katmaan Senlong who is originally from Nigeria. She showed us some of the beautiful clothes and bags they wear and told us the tales behind womens' hair and why they have cornrose hairstyles. As well as this, the children learned about what the charity does and one of the stories of a woman in Africa who is due to give birth very soon. It was a wonderful assembly and the children have all enjoyed donating towards this fantastic charity.

LO: to investigate the properties of polygons

21st May 2019

In Maths today we had the learning objective of 'to investigate the properties of polygons'. The children investigated what a polygon is and how we can draw a shape on to a grid using coordinates. We learned that a polygon is a 2D shape that has at least three straight sides.


Can a circle be a polygon?

The Great Barrier Reef

David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef: An Interactive Journey

20th May 2019

We are collaboratively working alongside Laurel and Maple classes to make a display on The Great Barrier Reef using old plastics to encourage children to recycle and reuse their rubbish where they can. We have watched a video from Sir David Attenborough as inspiration as well as looked at images of the coral reef before and after bleaching. The children have been thinking about how we can help our environment going forward and reaching out to the others in our community to inform them of our plight is one way of doing so. We are very much looking forward to the display that will be finished very soon.

Our Earth and the Sun


17th May 2019

In Science we have been looking at the Earth and how it rotates on it's axis and orbits the Sun. We have learned that it takes 365 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun once and that the Earth rotates on its axis at an angle, which is why we have seasons.


Today the children have used a globe and a torch to represent this sequence of events then progressed on to being the Earth and Sun themselves.


We used the video below to show the children and explain the way our solar system works.

Rotating and Orbiting

Still image for this video

Earth's Rotation & Revolution: Crash Course Kids 8.1

So, have you ever wondered why we have seasons? Or maybe where the sun goes when it's night time? *Hint: It doesn't actually go anywhere* In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about the Earth's rotation and revolution and how these things contribute to night and day and how Earth's tilt gives us seasons.

Oak and Ash's Party Themed Kempsey Cafe

17th May 2019

We were extremely excited to be hosting the Kempsey Café alongside Ash class this morning, which we decided should be inspired by birthday parties! We had a selection of wonderful cakes, either made or bought, which was shared with our wonderful visitors from the community. The children took coffee, tea and cake order, chatted with our lovely guests and had a giggle or two. It was a wonderful morning enjoyed by all - there were party poppers, party hats and balloon napkins!


We also collected donations for Christian Aid in preparation for next week, where the children can wear party clothes on Tuesday and bring in £1 for the charity.


A big thank you to the parents and carers who donated cakes to this wonderful morning. 

Translating Shapes

16th May 2019

In Maths today we took Oak, Maple and Laurel onto the playground to try out their understanding of plotting coordinates and translating shapes. We asked them to mark their axis then work through a series of instructions in their groups. The children all worked well together and helped each other.

Welcome to the 'Oakvengers' Headquarters

Our new, and final, classroom door for the year! We have been inspired by the new Avengers film and thought that all of the children in Oak class are we created our own headquarters where amazing learning takes place.

Creating a PowerPoint presentation

10th May 2019

On Tuesday, we researched either Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin with the aim to create an informative and exciting PowerPoint presentation. Today the children used the information they had found out to create their presentations. They have included various facts about both men and have thought about he structure they will use in order to create a logical presentation.

Yoga in PE

8th May 2019

In PE today we took part in a yoga video, based on two stories - Star Wars and Pokémon. The children performed many yoga poses in order to help develop strength, posture and promote a calm mind.

Grid method and bar modelling for multiplication

7th May 2019

Today we recapped both the grid method and bar model for multiplication. We started off by having two questions on the IWB for the children to answer. We then asked the children to make a 'fortune teller' to help with their times tables which they can keep a hold of. Finally, the children went on to answer a series of questions using both of these methods to their consolidate learning. 

We have gained two new members of Oak class...

3rd May 2019

We have two new members of Oak class who have joined us this week.


Ellie is our new class bear! She is very much looking forward to learning alongside the children and going home with them on weekends for the rest of the year! She comes with a little scrap book for you to write in the adventures you have been on and pop in a couple of pictures.


We have also welcomed Bloom into our classroom, a Syrian hamster, who Miss Graham adopted. She is approximately 8 months old and has already proven to be a big hit with the children (and staff!) She is a beautiful little bundle and we are very excited to have her at Kempsey Primary School.  


2nd May 2019

Madame Lilly has been in today and she has been practicing the alphabet with the children. We have learned a very catchy song to help us as it can get slightly confusing - especially when it comes to pronouncing jay (g) and gee (j)!


Play the song above and sing along!

Bar Modelling


1st May 2019

In our Maths lesson today, we started to look at bar modelling as a method of multiplication. I modelled the method on the whiteboard then asked the children help me to answer a couple more questions. We broke down the process and allowed the children time to answer questions in their books from yesterday using this different method.


Could you use bar modelling to answer 12 x 14?

Earth and Place: Time and Space

29th April 2019

We welcomed the children back in to Summer term with their new topic launch - Earth and Place: Time and Space. We started the day by watching a video on the solar system, focussing on the 8 primary planets. Next, we drew the solar system on a roll of paper and coloured in the planets, using images to help.


After lunch, we looked at how far each planet is from the sun and reduced the measurement down to cm. We went outside to the playground, armed with a selection of balls acting as planets, to place in the correct distances from the sun.


At the end of the day, we taught the children a new mnemonic to help them remember the order of the planets (as Pluto is now classed as a dwarf planet!) Listen to the video below to hear it!


The children worked exceptionally hard and we had a great day.

Our Mnemonic for the Planets

Still image for this video

Welcome back to Summer term!

Monday 29th April 2019

A warm welcome back to Summer term. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and munched on some scrumptious chocolate!

We have already kick started our day with active 10 and our new topic launch - 'Earth and Place: Time and Space'. Look out for some photos of our introduction to the solar system.

Easter Break

We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable break over Easter!

Summer term commences on Monday 29th April 2019

Testing out our boats

10th April 2019

Today we tested out our boats, along with Maple and Laurel classes, in Forest School. We had already designed our boats and decided what materials to use along with the shape. test! The children cheered as staff made their way into the brook and as the boats travelled along the water. We had some fantastic successes and a couple of Titanic replicas! The children had a wonderful morning, as did the staff!

Church Service - Collection

Please can you let Miss Graham, Mrs Curtis or the front office know if you are planning to collect your child from church on Friday as soon as possible. Collection time will be 2.00pm.


Thank you.



Topic Homework Celebration


9th April 2019

We celebrated the children's topic homework today in the hall along with Laurel and Maple class. The children had thought of a variety of inventions and had completed some great research on inventions or the people who designed them. We had the code breaker, phones and even a 3D printed model - all of the children should be very proud of what they have achieved this half term!

School Disco

Thursday 11th April 2019

A reminder that it is the school disco on Thursday from 5.00pm to 6.00pm and there will be a selection of drinks and snacks for the children to buy. 

Wednesday 10th April 2019

Forest School - Change of Day

Due to adverse weather conditions, we had to cancel forest school on Monday. We will be, weather permitting, going to forest school on Wednesday so please can you ensure that children are sent in with appropriate clothing.


Thank you.


Monday 8th April 2019

Forest School

Please can you send the children in with forest school clothing on Monday as we will be going in the afternoon. Ensure all children have a waterproof coat, wellies and old clothes.


Thank you.

Exploring air resistance and gravity

1st April 2019

In Science, we have explored air resistance and gravity by designing and making gyropcopters. We explored how we could make the helicopter increase air resistance by thinking about adding paperclips, more paper and selotape. The children all designed their own, then at the front of the class we tested them. Next, we went outside to test out their models against other children's helicopters.

Writing our own stories in French!