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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Oak Class

Year 3/4

The Oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world, and with good reason. It's a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge.

 The Oak is considered a storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength.


The children in Oak class will face many challenges this coming year and we are positive that they will stand firm and use the knowledge they will be taught to grow and thrive.


We are very excited for the next year and are looking forward to seeing the little acorns in Oak class bloom.


Miss Graham and Mrs Curtis

Active 10

Click on the link below to keep an eye on what we have been getting up to in Oak class during our Active 10 sessions first thing in the mornings!

Cotswold Farm Park and Swimming Letter

That's not what my food looks like!

Knowledge: to investigate techniques used in food advertising

16th March 2020

In our topic lesson today we had several stations set up to allow the children time to explore hoe food adverts are used to encourage people to buy their product. Each station had its own learning objective for the children to explore. they had the opportunity to look at advertisements through the ages, taste test popcorn and compare it to the advert on the packaging, explored the real food vs the 'fake' food and looked at how cereal companies use PVA glue and jelly to make the cereal stand at a good angle.


It was a fascinating lesson and definitely opened our eyes as to how companies advertise us to persuade us to buy their delicious food! 

British Science Week

'Our Diverse Planet'

10th March 2020

This week we are celebrating British Science Week with the theme this year of 'Our Diverse Planet'. We have explored what 'diverse' means and how each individual on the planet is unique.


Oak, Laurel and Maple are holding a 'round robin' day full of different activities which celebrate our planet and what makes it so special.


In Laurel's classroom...

...the children made their own cargo ships and tested whether they would float or sink. They used plastic weights to see how much could be carried by the ship before it sank. The children investigated what forces act upon a ship and the water which causes the ship to either sink or float and how the weigh that it carries impacts on the end result. 


In Maple's classroom...

...the children planted their own plants and made predictions about what they thought would happen. They also explored how a polar bear keeps warm with its blubber, how condensation happens and an experiment with Alka-Seltzer representing what a geyser does!


In Oak's classroom...

...the children were finding out just how unique each and every one of us is by conducting a variety of experiments. We drew our hands, concentrated on our eyes and what they look like, measured our legs and arms, printed our fingerprints to find out what type we have and investigated our own level of taste by blind tasting a mixture of flavours including sweet, salty and sour. Our final task was to see how many taste buds we had in one section of our tongue which would tell us what kind of taster we are!


Click the links below to see what Oak Class got up to in the three year 3/4 classrooms!



Knowledge - to evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of texts

2nd March 2020

In English we are continuing to look at instruction texts and the features they have. We also want the children to recognise imperative verbs (bossy verbs) and the importance of these within an instruction text.


We started off our English lesson by asking the children to follow three sets of instructions to make a paper boat - one was good, one was ok and one did not have enough information. They all attempted to make they paper boats following these. We then came back together as a class and talked about what we liked and disliked.


Next, the children were given a selection of texts to place into two columns - WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) and WABOLL (what a bad one looks like). They had a post it note for each text to allow them to write about what they liked and what they thought could be done better.

Monday Morning Spelling!

LO: to apply spelling rules

2nd March 2020

We welcomed the children in to Oak class this morning with a variety of activities for them to do to practice their spellings. There was word pancakes for them to flip, letters to reassemble, Scrabble tiles and blackboards to write on using water. This idea is to allow all children to practice their spellings in a different way and explore the shapes of letters as well as spelling rules they need to apply in their spellings this week.

Our New Topic Launch - 'The Great Bake Off'

LO: to follow a set of instructions

LO: to design and make packaging for a cupcake

LO: to design a cupcake

26th February 2020

We do love a topic launch in year 3/4! Today we held our new launch for 'The Great Bake Off' in the hall along with Laurel and Maple class. We started off the day by following a recipe to make our very own cupcakes. Whilst these went in to the oven, we designed and made our very own packaging where we encouraged the children to think about their target audience and what information they think should be included on the box. The design was placed on a net and folded then glued.


The final part of the day was to make the icing to design their own cupcake. We had a selection of colours for them to use as well as some sprinkles to finish the cakes off! It was lovely to see the children taking home their cupcakes in their very own packaging - well done Oak!

Art Day

LO: to explore how we can use plastic when making a sculpture

25th February 2020

Today the whole school took part in Art day! We were given the end goal of creating a sculpture or piece of art in the shape of a marine animal which would be made of the plastic that was kindly brought in by the children. In Oak, we decided to make a dolphin!


We started off the day by exploring what a dolphin looks like and how their body is shaped. The class were then split into groups to make up the body parts: tail, fins, dorsal fin, head and main body. Each of the groups were given a variety of plastic materials to make their body part.


Once each one was complete, we started to attached the parts to the main body. The final part was to cover the entire sculpture in the lose plastic that we had spare.


Our dolphin, Oakley, is made up of lots of bottles, crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, bottle caps, a bit of clingfilm and even a silver '2' balloon amongst many other plastic items. The children had a fantastic day designing and making Oakley. The whole day has opened both the childrens' and adults' eyes into the scale of how much plastic is damaging our oceans and, as a result, affecting our marine life.


A big thank you to Miss Biggerstaff for organising the day!

Internet Safety Week

LO: to explore our online identity

10th-14th February 2020

This week has been Internet Safety Week and our theme this year has been 'Our Online Identity'. We asked the children to think about the importance of staying safe online and whether you would tell a stranger all about you as a person. As a class, we explored the types of information that could be shared vs what should not be shared and moved on to exploring emotion and feelings by using emojis and how you can tell how someone is feeling by looking at these faces. The children each chose their favourite emoji and pulled the face!

Transferring collected data to a pictogram in Maths

LO: to present data using pictograms

10th February 2020

In Maths today we used data that had been collected and transferred this in to a pictogram. The children worked in pairs to discuss the findings and how they should create their pictogram. It is important for the children to know what shapes or pictures they are going to use to show the number in their pictogram. We ensured this would happen by modelling how we would transfer data to a pictogram on the whiteboard as a whole class.

The Grid Method

Knowledge: to consolidate our understanding of the grid method

20th January 2020

In Maths this morning we have been recapping the grid method. This is one way we can work out how to answer multiplication questions - we break down the number into H, T and O (hundreds, tens and ones) which then allows us to multiply those individual sections then add them together. 

Rock hunters turned rock detectives!

Knowledge: to compare and group the three categories of rocks

15th January 2020

We were once rock hunters and now we are...rock detectives! We used our prior knowledge of the three main types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic and applied this to sort and group rocks. The children had 6 rocks on their tables and had to think about which belonged in each classification. They had a variety of sheets to help classify and there was lots of peer talk to help iron out misconceptions and challenge current level of understanding.

Dividing 3 digits by 1 digit numbers

Knowledge: to divide 3 digits by 1 digit numbers

14th January 2020

In Maths today the children were investigating how to divide 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number using the part-whole model. They have to think logically about how they will answer the question.


In this case, the number sentence was 156 divided by 6.

The children needed to write their whole number as 156 and then partition their number into 2 or more segments. For this question the children needed to know their 6 times tables and think about what they could multiply that by in order to find one of their parts.


After all of our workings, we correctly found the answer to be 26.


Why don't you try 168 divided by 8 at home!

We are rock hunters!

LO: to compare rocks

9th January 2020

Today we went on a rock hunt! We started off our new Science topic of 'Rocks' by exploring the three different rock types: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous and how each one is made. We then went on a rock hunt around the school to see what rocks types we could find and think about which rock type it could be.


We used key vocabulary and justified our reasoning for our choices.

A warm welcome to Spring Term 2020!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and a Happy New Year! We have an exciting new topic that we are launching on Tuesday - keep an eye on the webpage to find out what we will get up to!

To kickstart the term off we started by exploring our new topic 'Mountains and Rivers'. To do this, we discussed what features of a landscape you would find, starting with the sky. The class was split in to 3 groups and each were given a sky - day, a sunset and night. We investigated what coloursw could be used and how to blend these together.


After this, we sketched, cut out and glued our silhouette of the mountains. The last piece of our landscape puzzle was to add on the meandering rivers from the mountain top. the children thought about perspective and that the river will look smaller at the top of the mountain as it is further away. We also explained that you wouldn't see a river falling down the mountain in a straight line.


The chidlren worked well in their groups and the finished pieces were beautiful and well thought out!

Our Roman Banquet!

16th December 2019

It is our Roman Banquet day and we have already started the day off by making bread rolls ready to eat later on this afternoon and drawn a still life picture of a Roman fruit basket.


Please keep an eye on the website for updates of what we get up today!


The first part of our day consisted of us making bread, following a recipe to ensure we got measurements of ingredients correct. We took it in turns to mix the ingredients and then knead the dough. After this, we split the mixture equally into eighths and placed them in a greased cupcake tin.

In the middle session, we started to draw a still life drawing of a Roman image. There were plenty of grapes, apples and other fruits as well as candelabras and a bowl. We encouraged the children to 'zoom in' and draw certain parts of the image rather than the full image.

Christmas Church Service

Thursday 19th December 2019

Please can you let Miss Graham, Mrs Curtis or the Office know if you would like to collect your child from church.


Thank you.

Money, Money, Money!


Knowledge: to convert pounds and pence

2nd December 2019

To start the week off we converted pounds to pence and visa versa. We used concrete resources to consolidate our understanding of money as well as to help answer our questions. We looked at what each coin represents and reminded ourselves of how many pence are in a pound.


We worked as a group and then independently in our books to convert these amounts. 

How can we measure the perimeter?

Knowledge: to investigate different methods of measuring perimeter

Thursday 28th November 2019

During our Maths lessons this week we have been measuring the perimeter of shapes, including rectilinear shapes. We know that we can use a ruler to measure in cm or mm but we decided to think outside of the box and identify what other means of measurement we could use. We had a variety of different shapes in front of us as well as a ruler, a piece of string, Diennes cubes and 2cm squared paper. Throughout the lesson we used these items to help us measure the shapes and notice the relationships between our answers.


As well as this, we discussed other forms f measurement including feet, meter sticks, trundle wheels and hands for when horses are measured!

We went back in time and made Roman pinch pots!

Knowledge: to design and create a Roman pinch pot

27th November 2019

Before we sat down to make our pinch pots we ensured that we knew what a pinch pot was as how to make one. We designed two different pots and asked for feedback from a friend. This allowed us to design our final piece which we then made out of clay using tools to help etch out the design.


They are currently drying in our classroom, ready to be painted!

How does sound travel?

Knowledge: to investigate how sound travels

13th November 2019

In Science today we started to investigate how sound travels and what happens to sound when in space. We had the help of Tim Peake as he explained what happened when he worked at the International Space Station. On each table we had a mixture of items that made sound and recorded how the sound was made and what observations they came across.


Anti-bullying Week

Knowledge: to appreciate thoughts and feelings

11th November 2019

This week we are focussing on anti-bulling and have started by appreciating how a person feels when they are not being treated correctly as well as how it feels when someone is being kind. We talked about how it feels when we pay a compliment and receive one, play sports together and include a variety of people and what we can do if we feel we are being bullied.

Armistice Day

11th November 2019

We remembered those who have fallen today. In an assembly dedicated to Armistice Day, we learned about why we wear poppies and what Armistice means to us as a country. As a school, we observed a 2 minutes silence in memory of those who we lost. We are forever grateful to those who have fought and died for our country and for those who continue to fight for us.


On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month - we will remember them.

Remembrance Kempsey Cafe

8th November 2019

Today, Oak and Sycamore classes hosted the Kempsey Café which had a theme of Remembrance. We had a gorgeous selection of homemade cakes and biscuits as well as tea, coffee and hot chocolate to serve for our wonderful visitors. Everyone was in high spirits as we served up tasty treats and cap off the morning, the children of Oak and Sycamore classes sang 'It's a long way to Tipperary' and 'Hey, Mr Miller'. Our visitors were singing along and showing some of their own armed forces photos. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting this wonderful event!

Welcome back to Autumn 2

We are starting the second part of the term with our topic this space for information and pictures of our creative day!

TĂȘte Epaules Genoux Pieds

Head shoulders knees and toes in French - although we sing head shoulders knees and feet!

7th November 2019

Knowledge: to apply words to a song

It was our first French lesson after half term today and we have started learning 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' in French! The children focussed on learning the words and what they mean as well as pronunciation. Once the children were confident, we added the words to the song!


Try at home and see how you get careful though - it speeds up!

World In Union 2003

World in Union from the Rugby World Cup 2003 which took place in Australia.

Knowledge: to appraise the song 'World in Union'

13th October 2019

We are currently appraising the song 'World in Union' which is covered by the host country of the Rugby World Cup every four years. This is the version that was played during the 2003 world cup, which was hosted by Australia. We can hear a mixture of instruments from a didgeridoo to drums and have noticed that there are three people singing - at one point as an a capella group.


We will be using this piece of music in our new Science topic of 'Sound' as we can hear a mixture of low and high sounds which will be made by different instruments, creating a unique vibration.

Learning Numbers in French

Learn numbers in French with a catchy song!

Knowledge: to explore numbers in French

10th October 2019

In French today we continued to learn numbers from 1 to 10 using a catchy song. The song goes through the numbers in order and then backwards to help the children remember.


We then started to learn a song about ages with the main question of 'Quel age as tu?' The children then had to reply with 'j'ai …… ans'. It was an interactive lesson and it was wonderful to hear the children applying their language skills.

Tennis Training

Knowledge: to apply hand eye coordination skills

24th September 2019

We were lucky to have a tennis player from Kempsey Tennis Club in today to help us practise our hand-eye coordination by using tennis equipment. The children started off independently dropping and catching a ball, then moving on to balancing the ball on the racket an walking around the playground. Next it was challenges with their partner ensuring that they hold the rackets correctly and have the ball land low to then propel higher to their partner.


The children worked well together and it was wonderful to see some of their skills emerging. a big thank you to James at Kempsey Tennis Club for spending the time with us this afternoon!

NSPCC Assembly

23rd September 2019

For our assembly today we had a visit from a lady called Kia from the NSPCC. We had a talk on what they are about, how children can get in touch if they need someone to talk to and the people whom young people can trust to talk to. We learned the important number the children need in rder to contact the NSPCC: 0800 1111.


It was an informative assembly and we are thankful for the NSPCC to take the time out to see us today.

Making our own flowers!

Knowledge: to explore parts of the flower

Knowledge: to create a flower


17th September 2019

In Science today we explored the different parts of a flower. We used terminology such as stigma, stamen, pollen, pollination and fertlisation. After we had looked at the different parts, we started to make our own flowers with cardboard, blu-tac and cotton buds. The next step - pollination! Watch this space to see how we learn all about this incredible process!

Bonjour Madame Lilly

Knowledge: to explore saying "hello" and "goodbye"

12th September 2019

We welcomed Madame Lilly, our wonderful French teacher, into Oak class this afternoon. We started off by writing our names down to help Madame Lilly and then moved on to recognising the French words for "hello", "goodbye" and "how are you?" We then started saying these phrases and adding actions to follow along with our first French song! The final part of our lesson was to listen to a conversation and tally how many times we heard one of the phrases we had been learning.


Try this at home - how many times can you hear:

* bonjour

* au revoir

* ca va?

* merci

Netball Skills!

Knowledge: to explore passes in netball

10th September 2019

Today the children had their first PE session and we are kick starting our new year with netball. The children discussed the types of passes they knew and the knowledge attached with each one. We then went outside to warm up and then practise two passes: the chest pass and shoulder pass. The children used their prior knowledge to help them with this task.

Our New Topic Launch

Knowledge: to explore similarities and differences

Knowledge: to design a new playground


9th September 2019

Our new topic for this half term is 'Playgrounds' and we have a book by James Mollison to use as a stimulus. Today, the children were presented with a variety of images from the book and had to discuss with their peers about what they liked and one aspect of the playground that they would change. We then provided the children with the image of the playground from Mexico City and gave them the task of adding one feature they would like to see in that setting. We had swimming pools, tree houses, roundabouts and calming water features.


This task was to encourage the children to look at the similarities and differences, not just between playgrounds in the book, but ours as well.

Using a HTO column

Knowledge: to explore place value

9th September 2019

In Maths today, the children were exploring place value using a HTO column. This method allows the children to see what each number represents and how much the number is worth. The children used dienes to help them place the correct amount in each column and then used this to help them complete a variety of numbers that were written on the whiteboard.

Fluency in Maths

9th September 2019

In today's fluency session the children were focussing on their times tables knowledge up to the 6 times tables. We used two dice to roll where the two numbers rolled had to be multiplied together. We then played the Supermovers 6 x tables video for the children to sign along to.

Look...there's Girafficus!

Knowledge: to observe and sketch our playground

6th September 2019

To end our Friday we took the children out onto the playground where they sketched what they could see, using a sketching pencil. We are starting a new school-wide topic called 'playgrounds' so we thought it would be beneficial for the children to see what they have available to them. The children noticed a variety of parts of the playground including the games on the floor, buildings and Girafficus.

A warm welcome to a new year in Oak Class!

We hope you all had a restful and exciting summer holidays. We can't wait to get started with our new topic and see what the new year has to bring for the children starting in year 3/4!


Keep watch on this page to see what the children get up to!

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