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Kempsey Primary School

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Vandalism on school grounds

It has saddened us deeply that two young men from the community have been responsible for damaging some property on school grounds. Mrs Baynes has sent a letter out to parents today, which has included the following paragraph:


As you are aware, we have had some vandalism in our Forest School area.  On two separate occasions in the past week or so we have seen young men/teenagers in this area at the end of the day.  The individuals ran off when staff approached.  On the second occasion, they vandalised our Mud Kitchen.  Thanks to Nicholas Pugh, and his daughter Tia, this has now been replaced.  I want to reassure parents that both of these visits were after school when children had been dismissed into the care of their parents.  When we use the playground or Forest School area, we always ensure high levels of vigilant staff so there is never any risk to children from outside visitors.  However, I would appeal to parents at the end of the day when they have collected their children to leave the playground as promptly as possible.  Children should not be playing on the outdoor gym, in the playground or on the field at home time.  For a start, we cannot supervise children at these times and would not want anyone hurt.  We have reported yesterday’s incident to the police.  If you are aware of anyone who might be using our Forest School area without permission, I do urge you to contact the police (quoting incident number 0488S030719) or speak to one of the leadership team at school.  And, if you have older children at home who might be at a bit of a loose end with the summer holidays approaching, please do remind them that our playground and forest school are not to be used by anyone or at any time other than by pupils in the school during school hours.  To come into the playground uninvited is trespassing, even before any vandalism occurs.  Your support with this would be very welcome; we want to keep our playground beautiful for our pupils.

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