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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!



This week we are looking at decimals. Watch the video first (by using the link below and finding the correct video), after this complete the worksheet and check your answers once you have finished. 


There are fluency questions and 'creative challenges' to complete if you would like some extra maths to do. Remember to only do as much as you can - these activities aren't compulsory. :-) 

Fluency - five arithmetic questions a day

Friday - 24/04/2020

For today's Maths there is a family challenge. Questions 1 to 5 are aimed at Y5 level but if possible, you can try to complete the rest of your questions with the help of your family. 

Friday Creative Maths Challenge

Choose a recipe for a set number of people:

  • How much will the ingredients cost you to make the recipe?
  • Which supermarket is the best one to get the ingredients from?
  • What is the price per person at each supermarket? (You will need to find the total cost of the ingredients needed at each supermarket and divide this by the number of people that the recipe says it is for. For a recap on short division using the written method see here)
  • If you double the amount of people, does the price per person double?
  • Can you buy different sized packs of the ingredients?
  • What impact does this have on the price per person?

Thursday - 23/04/2020

In today's lesson you will be adding decimals which give an answer greater than one.


Remember to line up the decimals correctly when using column addition for Qs 4&5.

Thursday Creative Maths Challenge


  • Can you make all square numbers up to 10 squared by adding two prime numbers together?
  • Where is a good place to start?


You can recap on prime numbers here and square numbers here


Below are the prime numbers 1-100 

Wednesday - 22/04/2020

Today, we will be looking at adding two decimals to make a whole (one). 

Wednesday Creative Maths Challenge

Draw a number line between 0-1:

  • Roll a dice to make the denominator in a fraction e.g. if you throw a 4 your fraction is ¼.
  • Place your fraction on a number line
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Now roll the dice twice. Make the largest number the denominator and the smallest number the numerator
  • Place the fraction you have made on the number line
  • Repeat 5 times

If you can, now play a game against a partner. Draw a new number line from 0-1:

  • Roll the dice twice to make a fraction with the largest number being the denominator and the smallest number being the numerator
  • Take it in turn to place a fraction of the number line
  • Try to get three of your fractions in a row
  • Can you block each other?



Extend to a number line from 0-6. Roll the dice twice and make a fraction. You can choose where the largest number goes this time. You may make improper fractions. Where will they be on the number line?

Tuesday - 21/04/2020

Today we will be looking at subtracting fractions within one

Tuesday Creative Maths Challenge

Roll a dice 6 times. Make as many different 6-digit numbers as you can using the digits.

Can you be systematic?

  • Place the numbers in order
  • Can you find the difference between each of your 6-digit numbers and 1 000 000?
  • Divide all your original numbers by 100
  • What is the difference between your new numbers and 10 000?


You can watch a quick recap on dividing by 100 here

Monday - 20/04/2020

Today we will be looking at adding decimals within one.

Monday Creative Maths Challenge

Roll a dice 4 times to make a four-digit number in grams:

  • Convert the number into kg
  • Make another four-digit number in metres
  • Convert the number into km
  • Make another four-digit number in ml
  • Convert the number into litres
  • Have you spotted a pattern?
  • Can you make a poster showing how to convert the different measures?
  • Can you use a number line to show the relationships?


If you need to recap on measurements and converting between them, this website is useful

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