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This week we are continuing with our work on angles. Watch the video first (by using the link below and finding the correct video), after this complete the worksheet and check your answers once you have finished. 


There are fluency questions and 'creative challenges' to complete if you would like some extra maths to do. Remember to only do as much as you can - these activities aren't compulsory. smiley 

Friday 24/04/2020

Today is 'Maths Challenge' day! Questions 1 - 6 are suitable for year 6 and involve a variety of different skills, but feel free to attempt the others for a greater challenge! smiley

Thursday 23/04/2020

This lesson we are calculating the value of missing angles in triangles. 

Thursday Creative Maths Challenge

Can you create 2 mathematical statements that will always be true?

Can you create 2 mathematical statements that will sometimes be true?

Can you create 2 mathematical statements that will never be true?

Can you convince me you are correct?

Do you need to draw a picture to help you?

Wednesday 22/04/2020

In this lesson, we will be calculating the angles in triangles when we know information about the type of triangle.

When two sides are marked, this indicates that the triangle is an isosceles triangle. Therefore both of the marked lines are equal and angles A and C will also be equal. 


If all three sides are marked, this means that all sides and all angles are equal. This is an equilateral triangle.

Wednesday Creative Maths Challenge

Can you work out the area of each downstairs room in your house?

Do you think the area of upstairs will be the same as downstairs?

Now choose one room:

  • Can you work out the cost to redecorate the room?
  • How much carpet will you need?
  • What size curtains will you need?
  • How much paint will you need?

Tuesday 21/04/2020

In today's lesson we will be calculating angles in a triangle. Remember all angles in a triangle add together to make 180 degrees!

Tuesday Creative Maths Challenge

Look at the boxes you have in your house.

Disassemble a selection of boxes and look at the net of the box.

What do you notice about the nets?

What is the same and what’s different about the nets? Is there a relationship between the rectangular faces and the face at the end of cuboid?

Is there a relationship between the number of triangular faces and the base of a pyramid?

Can you create your own net and build a 3D shape based on your findings?

Monday - 20/04/2020

Today we will be looking at vertically opposite angles.

Monday Creative Maths Challenge

If you travelled 1000km on a tour of the UK, where could you travel to from your home?

Can you record your distance for each stage of the journey in Km and miles?

Can you work out the cost of your travel and accommodation?

How long will you be away on your trip and how long will you spend at each destination?

Will you take part in any activities at each destination? How much will this cost? What is the total cost of your trip?

Fluency questions (five arithmetic qus a day)

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