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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!



This week we will be continuing with our topic of fractions and also returning to decimals. Use the pictorial representations on the work sheets to really think about the maths which is happening when you complete a calculation. 


As before, there are fluency questions and extra challenges to complete if you wish - these are not compulsory! Try you best and have fun. blush


Check out the website below for fun, interactive fluency games!

Friday 22/05/20

Friday means maths challenge day! As before, questions 1 - 6 are aimed at primary school children, challenge yourself to attempt all of the questions if you wish!

Thursday 21/05/20

Today we are revisiting decimals as fractions. As previously, use the pictorial representations to think about the mathematical concepts that you are learning. 

Thursday Maths Challenge



Extension: write a sentence to prove your answer and explain how you know that you are correct. 

Wednesday 20/05/20

Today we are dividing decimals by integers (whole numbers). Remember that you can think of division as sharing: 8.5 divided by 2 is the same as 8.5 shared between 2.

Wednesday Maths Challenge

Tuesday 19/05/20

This lesson we will be multiplying decimals by whole numbers. Remember multiplication means 'lots of'!

Tuesday Maths Challenge

Your challenge today is shape based 'Sometimes, Always, Never' statements, click on the PDF below. Read the statements and decide if they are sometimes, always or never true. Remember to prove how you know!


Answers can be found on this link

Monday 18/05/20

To help us be prepared for multiplying and dividing fractions later in the week, today we are starting off with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. You should be feeling confident with place value by now so hopefully you will enjoy the problem solving in the questions on today's worksheet. 

Monday Maths Challenge

Today's challenge is addition and subtraction pyramid. You don't need to print the pyramid, you can just write the numbers out on your paper (you can draw the pyramid shape if you want to, but this isn't necessary). To find the number that goes in a box, you have to add together the two numbers below it.

Example: for the first pyramid, 35 + 47 = 82 and this will go in the box above those numbers.




For this pyramid, think about the most efficient way to complete your grid. Where will you start? Is this the most effiient place to start? Use what you already know to help you. (Hint: use the inverse of addition to help you calculate the box beneath, for example: 1043 - 414 = ? )

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