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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!



This week we will be revisiting calculating the area of rectangles and will be doing some work on fractions: exploring equivalence; converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers and comparing and ordering fractions that are less than one (a whole). For each lesson, watch the video first (by using the link below and finding the correct video), after this complete the worksheet and check your answers once you have finished. 


There are fluency questions and more creative challenges to complete if you would like some extra maths to do.


Remember to only do as much as you can - these activities aren't compulsory.  

Fluency - five arithmetic questions a day

Friday Family Challenge

Questions 1-5 are suitable for year 5 level but you may want to challenge yourself to have a go at the rest with your family. 

Friday challenge

Did you know that you can create curves by only drawing straight lines? These curves are called parabolic curves and, if you look closely, you will see that they have been made entirely out of joining the same digits together with straight lines. 

There are templates to download below, if you have access to a printer or you could draw your own grid. Try joining points together with a range of different colours to create a rainbow pattern or using a drawing pencil leaving you with a design that you could colour in.

Thursday 14/05/2020

Today, we are comparing fractions that are less than 1 (a whole). The video shows how to use bar models to help you to do this and reminds you of how to identify relationships to convert fractions so they have the same denominator. Remember whatever you do to the top, you must do the bottom and vice versa. 

Thursday Challenge

As we have been working on fractions this week, can you use lego or any other coloured and different sized objects you have at home to represent different fractions? 

Wednesday 13/05/2020

In today's lesson we will be revisiting how to convert between improper fractions to mixed numbers and then the reverse: mixed numbers to improper fractions. Remember to use bar models to help with your working out. 

Wednesday challenge

Below are some blank circles you can use. If you have a compass at home, you could draw the circles yourself for an extra challenge! 

Tuesday 12/05/2020

Today we are revisiting fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Don't forget to use bar models to help you with your working out. 

Tuesday challenge

You can recap on Roman Numerals 1-100 below

Monday 11/05/2020

Today's lesson involves calculating the area of rectangles. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Monday Challenge

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