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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!



This week we will be continuing with fractions. Watch the videos first (by using the link below and finding the correct video), after this complete the worksheet and check your answers once you have finished. 


Similar to last week, there are fluency questions uploaded for the week on a document below. There will also be an additional daily maths challenge, to replace the creative maths challenges used before. Remember these activities aren't compulsory, only do as much as you can/want to. 



Friday 15/05/20

It's Friday, which means it's another maths challenge day. Have fun! laugh


Thursday 14/05/20

This lesson we will be calculating fractions of amounts.

Thursday Maths Challenge

Wednesday 13/05/20

Today we will be dividing fractions by integers (whole numbers). Your worksheet uses the pictorial representations to help you understand what is happening within the maths that you are learning.


Wednesday Maths Challenge

Today for your maths challenge you have three word problems. Read the questions carefully to ensure you answer what the question is asking you and remember to show your workings. Can you write a sentence or use a pictorial representation to prove your answer?




Tuesday 12/05/20

This lesson we will be multiplying fractions by fractions. Use the pictorial representations to help you understand the maths that is happening within the calculation and remember that multiplying is the same as 'lots of':

3 x 6 = 3 lots of 6

1/2 x 1/4 = 1/2 lots of 1/4

Tuesday Maths Challenge

Monday 11/05/20

Today we are multiplying fractions by integers. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Monday Challenge:

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