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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!



This week we will be returning to fractions. Watch the video first (by using the link below and finding the correct video), after this complete the worksheet and check your answers once you have finished. 


There are fluency questions and 'creative challenges' to complete if you would like some extra maths to do. Remember to only do as much as you can - these activities aren't compulsory.  

Hi everyone,

A message from White Rose Maths about this week’s Friday Maths Challenge:

As it's a bank holiday on Friday, we've got a special challenge in store for you!
We've teamed up with Classroom Kitchen to bring you 3 maths-themed recipes!

View a copy of the ingredients lists below so you can get prepared.
More information will be revealed on Friday.


Please don’t panic about getting hold of ingredients if you are unable to do so. I will ensure that there is alternative learning uploaded ‘just in case’. 


Keep safe everyone,


Miss Underwoodlaugh


KS2 activity: 


Friday 08/05/20

Today is the Maths Cooking Challenge! If you are joining in with this challenge, watch the video of Mr D from Classroom Kitchen Follow the recipe to create your own a Clue-Dough Carrot Cake. If you are not joining in with this challenge, there is some problem solving maths for you to complete. See the documents below.


Once you have baked your cake and allowed it to cool, you can create one of two puzzles to challenge your family (or yourself!) to complete.


  • The first puzzle you could make is a jigsaw: using icing sugar to create a pattern on the top of your cake, then mix up the pattern and challenge someone to put it back together again. 
  • The second puzzle is a Tangram Puzzle. These puzzles are typically made up of seven shapes which you need to mix up and then rearrange into a square again. You could also create a tangram using paper if you would like to challenge somebody else once you have eaten your cake! The completed tangram should look like the image below:

Have fun and send us any photos of what you get up to!

Problem Solving Challenges

Thursday 07/05/20

Today we are looking at adding and subtracting fractions as mixed numbers.


This image shows two bars which are split into fifths. There is one whole bar and one bar of four fifths. This is shown as:  1 4/5 (mixed number) which is the same as 9/5 (improper fraction).

Thursday Creative Maths Challenge

Work out who in your family is nearest in age to 14 052 days old.

Can you use approximation to help you? Can you use a written or mental method to help you calculate the answer?

How many days old are you? 

Wednesday 06/05/20

Today we are adding and subtracting fractions by finding a common denominator.

Wednesday Creative Maths Challenge

Create a revision poster for your class.

First, pick a topic for your poster, maybe using column multiplication, calculating bus stop division, calculating percentages of amounts... It's up to you. 

What language will you include?

What images can you put on your poster to help others?

Can you include some reasoning questions on your poster?

Tuesday 05/05/20

Today we are ordering are comparing fractions. Use the pictorial representations to help with your working.

Tuesday Creative Maths Challenge

Who is the tallest person in your family? Who is the shortest?

What is the average height of the people in your family?

What is the average age of your family?


*Remember to find the average of a set of data, we add up all the values and then divide this total by the number of values*

Monday 04/05/20

Today we are returning to simplifying fractions, this show be a nice start to our topic of fractions. Remember what you can from your previous learning about fractions. 

Monday Creative Maths Challenge

Download a 100 square.

What percentage of numbers are even?

What percentages of numbers are both multiples of 3 and 6?

What percentage of numbers are prime numbers?

What percentage of numbers are factors of 72?

Create your own number fact and work out the percentage?

Can you create a number fact that is 25% of the 100 squares?

Can you create a number fact that is 10% of the 100 squares?

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